Great Cloth Diaper Survey Questions

Great Cloth Diaper Survey Questions

Wondering about how completing the Great Cloth Diaper Survey can help the Real Diaper Association improve its efforts to help more families find and succeed with reusable cloth diapers? Here are some examples of how the demographic information we collect will help.

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We ask you how many children you've cloth diapered and how long you've been doing it. Why? It's possible that experienced cloth diaperers do things differently than new cloth diaperers. If so, can we share that knowledge to help people succeed earlier with cloth diapers?

We asked you when you started cloth diapering each child and how you learned about cloth diapering. We want to reach more families to teach them about cloth diapers. This information will help us better direct our outreach methods to reach new families to teach them about cloth diapers.

We asked you how old your current baby (or babies) in cloth diapers is (are). Why? It's possible that diapering practices change based on the age of the baby. If so, can we be more specific with the recommendations our Circle Leaders make to families in their communities?

We asked you about your education and income levels. Why? We want to know if diapering methods change based on those variables. If so, can we improve our recommendations for different segments of the population? Also, we want to better understand the demographics of our community, both to help us recognize who we're missing with our messaging and to better hone our message for our closest constituents.

If you haven't yet responded to the Great Cloth Diaper Survey, please do so today! We are more than halfway to our goal of 10,000 respondents but need YOUR input to be complete. Please also pass the survey on to anyone you know who might use cloth diapers. You'll both be eligible for some high quality DIY prizes handcrafted as a thank you from the Real Diaper Association Board of Directors.

Thank you,

Heather McNamara

Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

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