GCDC SPOTLIGHT: First time host in Goodyear, Arizona

GCDC SPOTLIGHT: First time host in Goodyear, Arizona

Janelle Allen-Cavanaugh is a first time host in Goodyear, Arizona who has demonstrated awesome graphics abilities and has lots of fresh new ideas. We interviewed her to see how the planning is going and what her experience with GCDC has been like so far.

About the event: It is located in Goodyear, in the far west valley in Arizona. Janelle is a first time host, hosting alone but has recruited several volunteers to assist. She is hosting under her company Rescued Rumps (www.rescuedrumps.com). She currently has 53 preregistered participants but is hoping for 100. The event will be held at Goodyear Community Park. Nearby is the farmers market, community art walk, and splash pad so she is really encouraging the event as a whole family day. She does have some vendors at the event who are allowed to advertise but not sell products due to restrictions placed by the farmers market. She has a lot of community involvement from businesses and families.

Promoting the event: Janelle used some “You’ve been spotted with a baby” fliers and stuffed them between packages of diapers at the store. She has utilized social media through her facebook page with tags and links to supporters. She has done “sneak peeks” of prizes and offered small prizes for preregistered participants.

Why hosting is great: When asked what people are most excited about, they have responded “Meeting you and other cloth using families!” People are excited to be having an event nearby and are expressing a lot of thanks to her for hosting.

Handling sponsors: Janelle sent out lots of email blasts to companies that were sponsoring giveaways on their sites or that she thought were relevant to the event. She made sure to send the emails so they were waiting in their inbox at 6am. They are providing her with coupons, fliers, samples, and prizes. She has been tagging and linking all supporters on her facebook page. She is also planning to take pictures of winners with their prizes and send them to the companies so they can see where their products ended up. She also made a large banner and small brochures for participants highlighting each sponsors logo. She did have a deadline to be included in the brochure which encouraged early commitments from vendors.

To find a Great Cloth Diaper Change event near you, please visit the website. We need your babies to be able to break the world record – - and we promise a fun time for all!

- Megan Bost, 2014 Great Cloth Diaper Change Organizing Committee

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