Gathering Facts: A Cloth Diaper Absorbency Experiment

Gathering Facts: A Cloth Diaper Absorbency Experiment

The Real Diaper Association focuses on fact based evidence. Some of that evidence comes from collecting data from our own experiments (like our yeast in cloth diapers experiment), interviews with experts, good old fashioned research, and cloth diaper users like you! This week, we designed a quick experiment for cloth diaper users to measure the absorbency of one or more of their diapers. The more diapers you test and results you submit, the better data we will have to publish!


  1. Measure and pour 4 cups (32 oz.) of water into a large bowl.
  2. Place the diaper or insert in the bowl until saturated.
  3. Lightly squeeze just enough liquid out of the diaper to stop it from dripping.
  4. Measure how much liquid is left in the bowl and subtract this number from the original 32 oz., to find out how much water your diaper or insert absorbed.

*For added information about how well fabric holds on to liquid*

  1. Place your saturated diaper in a casserole dish on a counter or table with a folded towel under one side so that it is leaning just a bit.
  2. Press down on the diaper with your hand to simulate a baby sitting in the diaper.
  3. Lift your diaper out of the casserole dish and measure the amount of water that the diaper released with this moderate pressure.

Repeat the experiment with other fabrics and/or styles of diapers. Comment below with your results and make sure to include:

  • Type of fabric (cotton, hemp, bamboo, microfiber, minkey, zorb, etc.)
  • The style and brand (if known) of diaper or insert (Infant Prefold, OsoCozy All-In-One/AIO, birdseye flat, Happy Heine microfiber etc.)
  • Ounces of water the diaper absorbed
  • Ounces of water the diaper released with moderate pressure

(update) OR complete this form created by Maria of ChangeDiapers who has offered to help us collect your results! You can also encourage others to participate in the experiment and share results via social media by using the hashtags #SchoolOfCloth #clothdiaperabsorbency. What were your results? If you are a blogger, join our School of Cloth Blog Hop and link up for the entire month of November! See blogger details.

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