First Meeting of the Plano Area Real Diaper Circle

First Meeting of the Plano Area Real Diaper Circle

The Plano Area Real Diaper Circle held its first official meeting this morning at Davis Library in Plano, TX. Although we had a small turnout at this first meeting it was a GREAT start for our new circle. We had one mom ready to share almost 8 years of cloth diapering experience her three kids, using everything from flats and rubber pants to homemade all-in-ones. Another mom who was willing to not only get involved in advocacy work but willing to teach others how to sew and knit their own cloth diapers and covers. And even the mom who came looking for help getting started cloth diapering her twins offerered help and suggestions making connections with more local parents. In addition to getting to know each other, we had a chance to discuss problem solving for rashes and compare notes on wash routines and our preferences for types of cloth diapers.

I left the meeting very excited about growing our circle and getting some real advocacy work starting. I''ll be speaking briefly this coming Tuesday to a group of expectant twin moms about cloth diapering, so I'll drop a note on the blog about how that goes too.

Angela Imes, Plano Area Real Diaper Circle LeaderĀ

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