We know that you may have questions. If you don't find your question below, please feel free to contact us with your queries.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why can't I see my post?

A: If you can't see your post it is because ALL POSTS to realdiaperevents.org are moderated for relevancy and to check membership status. For more information read our posting policies. A volunteer administrator moderates RDEvents, so although posts should be approved in a timely manner, please contact us if you feel your post has been delayed.


Q: How long before a post is approved?

A: Posts should be approved within 24 to 48 hours, please contact us if you feel your post has been delayed.


Q: Where do I log in to get an account?

A: The account login is a text link at the bottom right-hand side of the home-page navigation menu.


Q: Who can post?

A: Current RDA Individual and Business Members can post to the RDEvents blog. Interested in joining RDA?


Q: Who can comment at realdiaperevents.org?

A: Comments, though moderated upon first post, can be made by any interested party. Please feel free to ask questions and interact with our membership via the comments field. You do not have to be logged-in to make comments at RDEvents.org.


Q: How can I find out more information about RDA?

A: Please visit the Real Diaper Association website. You can read our mission, check our Local Resource Directory for a cloth diaper retailer or Real Diaper Circle near you, learn about becoming a Real Diaper Circle Leader, or even read up on Cloth Diaper Facts or take advantage of the various other Media for the purpose of advocating cloth diapers.


Q: I want to receive the e-newsletter, how do I sign up?

A: Glad you asked! Visit any page of the Real Diaper Association website and in the bottom left hand corner of the side navigation is a sign-up text box for the e-newsletter. Read previous e-newsletters in our archives!


Thank you for visiting RDEvents.org; we're pleased to have you here. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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