Fact or Fiction: Cloth Diaper Laundry

Fact or Fiction: Cloth Diaper Laundry

 When it comes to cloth diaper laundry, simple is best. You shouldn't need a complex routine. A cloth diaper washing routine that fits on a post-it note makes it easy for any visiting laundry fairy to get your diapers clean without worry! (A girl can dream, right?!?) For evidence-based washing instructions, see the 5 Easy Steps for Washing Cloth Diapers at the Real Diaper Association's Cloth Diaper Laundry Guide page. Our Laundry guide is a great place to start for any cloth diapering family. You may find that your laundry routine needs some adjustments at some point or another during your baby's time in diapers. So where do you go for trusted information?

  1. Reading the Real Diaper Association's Laundry Science page should help you get a better idea of the necessary components of a successful wash routine and may give you insight into what changes your laundry routine may need to best wash your diapers. Once you have an idea about what the problem may be, contact your diaper manufacturer and ask them for their recommendations. They know their diapers best and will be able to tell you if your routine will shorten the life of your diapers or void their warranty, if applicable.
  2. Talk to your local Real Diaper Circle! Cloth diapering families near you will most likely have similar water hardness/softness. Reaching out to local families will help you determine the most effective amount of detergent required to get your diapers clean. They will also know what cloth diaper safe detergents are available to purchase locally.
  3. Troubleshoot with an expert. Who's an expert? Look for someone that has been helping parents get their cloth diapering questions answered for years. Beware groups that suggest there is only one way or one answer. Water hardness/softness, washing machine variability, detergent formulations and your babies age and health status can all play a role in your laundry routine. Experts may be your local Real Diaper Circle Leader, your Grandmother, your diaper manufacturer, your cloth diaper safe detergent manufacturer, a cloth diaper retailer, or a select few bloggers.

Speaking of experts, the Real Diaper Association firmly believes that it is important to distribute science-based information. Our Laundry Science information is gathered from multiple scientists and others from the industry who have knowledge of laundry. Read about our laundry experts or our evidence-based cloth diaper washing directions. What's the best advice you've ever gotten about washing cloth diapers? Share your answers publicly via social media including the hashtags #SchoolOfCloth and #ClothDiaperLaundry and look for a School of Cloth class near you! If you are a blogger, join our School of Cloth Blog Hop and link up for the entire month of November! See blogger details.

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