Dear Great Cloth Diaper Survey, I need some help...

Dear Great Cloth Diaper Survey, I need some help...

Thank you for asking! Having previously proven my ability to help you launder diapers and get new families started with cloth diapers, I'm glad you realized I'd also be able to help you use cloth diapers!

Poor baby's rashy leg

picture courtesy of Bridget in San Diego

It's true. Take this question, for example:

"If you baby has had diaper rash, which of these things helped?"

I am compiling a list of thousands of responses and can sort out a list of those things that helped the most people (preview: using rash cream, giving more diaper-free time, and modifying diapering changing frequency are currently the top responses). I can then share that with you (via my bosses at the Real Diaper Association) to support you (and other parents) in the future.

By answering questions about which types of daycare aren't allowing cloth diapers, I can help focus the efforts of the Real Diaper Association in conducting outreach and education with daycare providers, preventing this problem for future cloth diapering families.

Help ME help YOU!  Only 15-20 minutes and prizes are available...

Thank you,

The 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Survey

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