Cloth Diapers during Earth Week

Cloth Diapers during Earth Week

 The San Diego Real Diaper Circle is awesome! Allow me (its leader) to brag for a moment... This was our third year hosting a cloth diapering booth at the EarthFair, an event that draws upwards of 80,000 people. Each year, I have organized the booth with the help of volunteers. This year, THEY pretty much organized it with the help of ME. Roni managed the entire booth design herself, getting all the materials in place (with the help of her design crew) and managing booth setup AND takedown.




Jenn devoted her considerable graphic design skills and printing contacts to get us a BEAUTIFUL, professional-looking brochure to hand out with basic cloth diapering information and tips about local and online resources. Wendy contacted a variety of manufacturers and retailers who donated diapers and accessories to give away at the booth and sell in our silent auction to cover our expenses (and probably make enough extra to allow us to do some more events this year!). And a number of Circle members came through to fill holes - lending a changing table (Jenny) and a diaper stash for showcasing (Serena), providing gorgeous pictures of their babies in cloth diapers to attract people to the booth (a huge draw!), and, of course, STAFFING the booth!

Sixteen of us put in a couple of hours or more at the booth throughout the day - - including one dad! And thank goodness there were so many of us there - we were kept busy with interested visitors! San Diego granted us one of its perfect days, and I think each of us left both exhausted and really fired up about all the excitement over cloth diapers. Having had two previous EarthFair experiences that were positive, it was somewhat surprising how even MORE enthusiastically-received cloth diapers were this year. It seemed that we talked to more non-parents than usual - all of whom expressed real appreciation for our message, and an intent to spread the word to their family and friends. I'm still on a high over the whole thing, though that may be due to the fact that my week didn't end there. My co-leader, Rachel, and another Circle member (Jenni) staffed another booth for us on Earth Day itself at Hewlett-Packard's fair, getting a lot of interest from the several hundred attendees.


And, of course, the #GetRealDiapers Twitter party that night capped it all off with 1700+ tweets in one hour amongst the 400+ preregistered attendees! There was a lot of fantastic information provided! Prizes were awarded EVERY FOUR MINUTES throughout the hour, including entire diaper stashes for some parents new to cloth diapers. Preregistered attendees were also subsequently provided with discount codes from the sponsors as well as information from the Real Diaper Association to help them realize their commitment to cloth diapers.

Did you take advantage of Earth Week to advocate for cloth diapers? How? We'd love to hear about your experiences!!

Heather McNamara

San Diego Real Diaper Circle Leader

Executive Director,

Real Diaper Association

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