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Medill Reports, April 30, 2009
The cloth evolution: Today’s cloth diapers aren’t old-fashioned, and they have perks all their own
by Elizabeth Diffin
" Indeed, for many parents, cloth diapering is a matter of "going green." Yet some people choose it for health reasons, or simply because they think it’s cute, said Lori Taylor, the president of the non-profit Real Diaper Association in San Francisco. "

Medill Reports Chicago, April 30, 2009
Cloth diapers benefit baby health and the environment, advocates say
by Elizabeth Diffin
" They come in a rainbow of colors and patterns, with cutesy names – FuzziBunz, Happy Heinys and Swaddlebees. But despite such creative conventions, local cloth diaper advocates take the environmental and health benefits of cloth diapers very seriously....Lori Taylor, the president of the non-profit Real Diaper Association, called the study flawed and the conclusions inaccurate. "

KFMB-TV, San Diego, February 24, 2009
Kid-Friendly Coffeehouse
News report about Java Mama, a kid-friendly coffee house in the San Diego area. The San Diego Real Diaper Circle meets at this coffeehouse and can be seen in the video. Heather McNamara, Real Diaper Association Executive Director and Real Diaper Circle Leader, is seen wearing her baby and showing reusable cloth diapers. "

Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me, October 25, 2008
Bluff the Listener: "Hey Woodward and Bernstein, check this out!" Three stories of embarrassing government cover-ups.
RDA Board Member Maya Mowilos was interviewed as the NPR game show included a mention of a recent British study on cloth diapers."

Green Sexy, March 16, 2008
The Diaper Dilemma
by Steven & Karin Choi
"Cost aside, there are other issues related to disposable diapers---health issues. According to the Real Diaper Association, disposable diapers contain trace amounts of dioxin, a toxic byproduct of the paper bleaching process. "

Duluth News Tribune, February 18, 2008
Britt couple finds success selling cloth diapers (subscription only) 
by Peter Passi 
"The Real Diaper Association, a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of cloth diapers, estimates that Americans use 27.4 billion disposable diapers. . . ."

Mothering Magazine Activism Alerts: June 2006
Who Knows About Cloth Diapers?

LOCAL DIAPER CIRCLE ON AIR! On June 7, 2006 the local diaper circle of RDA in Everett, Washington had it's first Public Service Announcement air on KSER 90.7FM. It aired during a mid-day time slot and garnered local response by phone as well as email. This PSA will continue to be heard on a weekly basis by local listeners as well as over the live internet stream worldwide.

RDA BEGINS REAL DIAPER GIVEAWAY AND PUBLISHES MEMBERS' BLOG! On May 30, 2006 RDA began The Real Diaper Giveaway as a way to get more cloth diapers on the babies that need them.

Blogging Baby: October 5, 2005
Cloth diapering resources on the web.
"From the pages of the Northwest Baby and Child newspaper comes this helpful list of cloth diapering resources on the web."

RDA RECEIVES TAX EXEMPT STATUS: We just received confirmation that on July 7, 2005, the IRS determined RDA to be tax exempt under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. What does that mean to our contributors? All 2005 First-Time and Renewal Membership donations are now tax-deductible!

ABC News Technology & Science: May 26, 2005
The Diaper Debate: Are Disposables as Green as Cloth?
"If you're trying to reduce your environmental impact, you can do that significantly by using cloth diapers," said Lori Taylor, a Buffalo, N.Y., mother and co-founder of the non-profit Real Diaper Association. "It's all in the way you wash them, how many you have and the kind of reusable diaper you use."

NWPC (National Waste Prevention Coalition)
01 June 2005 Waste Prevention Forum Archive

Mothering Magazine Activism Alerts: April 2005
Demystify Cloth Diapering

State of California: Integrated Waste Management Board
Waste Prevention Information Exchange: Health Care Waste
Diaper Waste Prevention

Earth Day Network Programs/Events
Ask Me About Cloth Diapers Earth Day 2005 Campaign

Global Recycling Council
Actions Page

Mothering Magazine News Bulletins: August 2004
Get Wrapped Up in Cloth Diapering

EcoTrack 11: Local mom's diaper biz easy on environment
by Tara Hastings
" Disposable diapers take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill, which has some new moms in our area making the switch from disposable to cloth. And there's a local mom who's made the switch even easier -- with her own diaper business. "

Simple Mom Blog, June 6, 2009
Cloth Diapering 101
A week of cloth diapering articles at the Simple Mom Blog: 7 Cloth Diapering Questions, Answered Mom-to-Mom; 3 Compelling Reasons to Try Cloth Diapers; Visual Demonstration: How to Put on a Cloth Diaper, and How to Get One Clean; The Simple Mom Cloth Diaper Review; Cloth Diapering: Your Most Common Questions, Answered "

Athens Banner Herald, June 5, 2009
Small Biz: Baby store a good fit for couple
" Necessity virtually served as the mother of invention for The Natural Baby, a new business that husband and wife Rebecca and Tripp Almy opened Friday in downtown Watkinsville. The store sells all natural baby merchandise - cloth diapers, diaper covers, baby clothing, toys, skin-care products and more - and promotes the motto, "supporting mommies, nurturing babies and respecting the Earth." "

Toledo Free Press, May 29, 2009
Cloth diapers save money, help environment
by Brandi Barhite
" Something needed to be changed in Amanda Ballard’s life — not just her baby boy’s diaper. The Sylvania mom switched to cloth diapers after the first eight months of his life ended up being quite expensive. When she realized she could help other parents make the same economic switch, she started an online cloth diaper store, Tender Loving Cloth Diapers ( She is hosting a cloth diaper class 10 a.m. to noon June 6 at the Sylvania Branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library. "

Fox Toledo, May 20, 2009
Diaper duty can be expensive: A way to be green and save green
by Kristi Leigh
" A baby can be an expensive addition. Buying diapers is one of the most significant costs....Amanda Ballard of Sylvania decided that was at least one cost she could cut down. So after buying and then throwing out eight months worth of disposable diapers Ballard decided to switch to cloth. "

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer, May 19, 2009Date
Spreading the Cloth Diapering WORD!
" Fond are the memories I have of carting off one of my prized belongings with me to kindergarten for “show and tell.” Not much has changed since then! Every two weeks I pack two big bags full of cloth diapers (all in one’s, pocket diapers, one size diapers, fitted diapers, prefolds, flats, diaper covers, fasteners, liners, wipes, wet bags, etc…) essentially a *sample* of my stash and bring them with me for the San Diego Real Diaper Circle meetings. "

Reno News and Review, May 14, 2009
Babies of the cloth: For health, money and the environment, cloth diapers are getting a second look
by Kat Kerlin
" When Adrienne Snow first had her now 22-month-old son, Benton, she used disposable diapers. Spurred by her mother’s advice and an economy that was starting to affect her husband’s construction work, she started looking for a good cloth diaper, but didn’t have much luck. And the compostable diapers she found were just as messy as cloth diapering—and still disposable. So she and her mom, Becky Sarnowski, started Little Smudgeez, an online cloth diaper store, selling stylish diapers they make themselves. "

Halifax NewsNet, May 14, 2009
Nurturing a baby business: Mom opens retail store for successful online company
" For April MacKinnon, the birth of her daughter also meant the birth of a new career. In April 2006, the civil engineer-turned-entrepreneur started her online store Nurtured, featuring environment-friendly products. The store carries items for moms and babies such as cloth diapers, baby carriers, baby books, nursing covers, natural toys, cribs, organic bedding and mattresses, and rents hospital-grade breast pumps. "

Liberty Online, May 14, 2009
Go Green from the Bottom Up
by Jessy Stam
" Finding out that I was going to be a mom was one of the most exciting and scariest things that I had ever heard. I had lots to plan and prepare. One thing that I didn’t spend hours thinking about was diapers. I planned on buying disposable diapers like the majority of women do....Using cloth diapers was not my plan at all. I never received any information or heard anyone talk about using cloth diapers and I knew that getting my husband to agree to cloth was never going to happen so I put that idea out of my head immediately. That was, of course, before my son was born. "

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, May 5, 2009
A Better BUM? Cloth diapers are back. Parents say it's because cloth is cheaper, kinder on the Earth and better for baby. 
by Sarah Moran
" Why is Peter Allen, a businessman with an MBA, picking up dirty diapers from homes across the Twin Cities?
"I saw a rising trend," said Allen, who started Do Good Diapers cloth diaper delivery service in Minneapolis last October. As more parents choose cloth diapers, what was once a niche market is taking root in the mainstream. "

Parent Map, May 1, 2009
The no-waste nursery: A smart mom's guide to baby gear
by Tera Schreiber
" A hundred years ago, no one used disposable diapers. In fact, some cultures still don’t use diapers at all. Can you imagine washing diapers on the African savannah? It’s just not feasible — and there is no trash service. Like mothers in more rustic environments, you, too, can reject the idea of filling landfills with plastic diaper waste. ", April 30, 2009
How to care for cloth diapers
" Many cloth diapers come with laundry instructions, which you should follow carefully. If you don’t wash them correctly, they won’t get clean; urine crystals can form and bacteria can fester, which can contribute to diaper rash and odor. Here’s the basic drill. "

Creston News Advertiser, April 29, 2009
What's Old is New for Parents Looking to Save Money
by ARA
" Because raising a child in tough economic times can be expensive and financially challenging, many families are looking for ways to reduce their spending without having to sacrifice their family's well-being. This has resulted in a slew of families getting creative by making old items new again... "For one, I cloth diaper my children which I figured has saved us a ton of money and cuts back on our curbside trash," she says. "

Toronto Star, April 27, 2009
Bear Bottoms up: Couple takes baby steps developing a cloth diaper business but the downturn has put their franchising dreams on hold
by Anna Piekarski
" It is a dirty job – and Jill and Mike Lawrence wish more people could do it. The couple owns Bear Bottoms Diaper Service, a cloth diaper pick-up and delivery business located just outside Kitchener. "

MSNBC, April 21, 2009
Frugal moms use cloth diapers to save money: Sales, though still a small segment of market, increase, as does awareness
by Anna Jo Bratton, Associated Press
" With the economy in a downward spiral, some parents are sniffing out savings by jettisoning disposable diapers and switching to reusable cloth diapers for their kids. ", April 20, 2009
Using cloth diapers at childcare - How to make it work and how to talk with your daycare provider
" There are many reasons to use cloth diapers, with the environment and saving money at the top of many lists. Yet there are many interested parents who don’t cloth diaper or only use cloth part-time due to daycare concerns. Many parents assume that cloth diapers are not allowed at daycare, but this is not often the case. "

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 19, 2009
Not afraid to tackle dirty work: MBA student sees market with no rivals and starts her own diaper service 
by Doris Hajewski
" It was during the Great Depression that the first commercial diaper-washing services started popping up around the country. Now that bad times are here again, an east side resident is hoping to earn a living by bringing diaper service back to Milwaukee. Marlise Kuehn, who is working toward an MBA at Alverno College, started washing diapers this month in her home. If her business is successful, she hopes to move it out of her house and to expand outside the metro area. "

Ramblings of a Wannabee Writer, April 16, 2009
Wildflower Diapers - Review
Interview with Shannon Doan, owner of Wildflower Diapers and member of RDA.

The Montreal Gazette, April 13, 2009
Woman of the cloth
by Monique Beaudin
"Samantha Cockburn is up to her eyeballs in diapers. She has a toddler in them at night, a baby due any day now, plus she runs a cloth diaper delivery service that brings freshly laundered cloth diapers to homes around Montreal, Laval and the South Shore."

Community Impact Newspaper, April 9, 2009
Austin BABY! celebrates grand opening on S. Lamar Blvd. May 2
by Patrick Brendel
"For many moms, having a baby means putting a career on hold. For Erin Sheppard, it meant launching a new one. After her firstborn arrived in 2005, Sheppard started selling cloth diapers out of her home to supplement her husband’s income. Four years later, Sheppard and co-owner Angela Abercrombie are planning a grand opening celebration May 2 for their brand-new Austin BABY! location at 701 S. Lamar Blvd."

Milkwaukee Public Radio, April 6, 2009
Betting on the Diaper Business
by Marge Pitrof
"Thousands of Wisconsin workers have lost their jobs during the continuing economic downturn. A few people who’ve received pink slips have responded by launching their own businesses. An east side Milwaukee woman joined that list of budding entrepreneurs last week. In her case, it’s a story of moving from a highly technical career, into one that cleans diapers.", March 25, 2009
Milwaukee Diaper soaks up untapped market
by Molly Snyder Edler
"Marlise Kuehn admits that laundering cloth diapers is not her dream job, but she recognizes a need for this type of service in Milwaukee. Consequently, Kuehn and business partner Lori Pitts launch Milwaukee Diaper on April 1. Milwaukee Diaper offers cloth diaper services that include the delivery of fresh diapers and the pick-up of soiled ones. They will also sell cloth diapers, inserts and related items to families, day care centers and hospitals. "

The Star Press, March 20, 2009
Baby store helps parents go green
by Gannett News Service
"A growing number of new parents are turning to a product their grandparents used: cloth diapers. And a Des Moines, Iowa, couple hopes their Little Padded Seats store, which sells cloth diapers and other reusable products, will help those parents fill a need to be environmentally conscious and help their business turn a profit."

"Mountains of dirty diapers likely will stay in a landfill for a century or more, said Amy Horst, a spokeswoman for Des Moines' Metro Waste Authority. 'Even though some of the diapers are biodegradable, they can't break down in a landfill,' Horst said. 'That's simply because the trash is compacted too tightly, it has limited exposure to air, water -- those things that help it break down.'"

The Olympian, March 17, 2009
Local confidence drops, surveys find: Consumers, business owners hope for economic rebound
by Rolf Boone
"Thurston County residents and business owners largely were pessimistic about the economy in the fourth quarter of 2008, although both groups remain hopeful that business conditions will improve in the next six months, two new surveys have found."

"However, some small-business owners have thrived in the economic downturn. Downtown Olympia business owner Julie Triplett, who opened a cloth-diaper business called Simple Cloth in August, said her business continues to grow. "It helps that my business is providing a must-have item," she said. "People continue to have babies, and they need diapers for their babies." A reusable cloth diaper also can be a more economical choice for parents, Triplett said. During the fourth quarter, her holiday sales slowed, but business picked up again in January. "We keep very busy, especially Saturdays," adding that she is planning to hire her first employee.", March 4, 2009
Seneca High has top consumer science teacher
by Greg Oliver 
"Zandra P. Overstreet, a former Walhalla Middle School teacher who has been a member of the Seneca High School teaching staff since 2005, has been named the state’s top teacher in the area of family and consumer science. Next month, Overstreet and her students will participate in an international project that provides cloth diapers to third world countries. Her students will make the diapers from “gently used” t-shirts donated by the community."

KITV, February 23, 2009
Youth volunteers in Nebraska selected for award
by Associated Press
" Two young Nebraskans have been chosen as the state's top youth volunteers in 2009. Seventeen-year-old Jacob Buss of Tecumseh and 11-year-old Alexandra Linder of Oakland are this year's winners of the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. Both will receive $1,000, an engraved silver medallion and a trip to Washington D.C. Alexandra makes cloth diapers out of used T-shirts for babies in Honduras, and she provides clothing kits to infants in other developing nations. Alexandra collected T-shirts from friends and spent many hours sewing the diapers. "

Big Island Weekly, February 18, 2009
Baby store offers parents a healthier choice
by Yisa Var
" Moonsprout is nothing short of a dream come true for Miura. She explains that the idea came to her at an important time in her life, "It began while I was pregnant with my first daughter. My mom used cloth diapers on me and it is something I always knew I would use too. I knew it was one thing that I had to take responsibility for as a parent." Taking it one step further, Miura pondered the possibilities, "It got me thinking; wouldn't it be great if there was someplace in Hilo to find all the things you need to learn about cloth diapers? So I decided that maybe it's something that I can do. I spent those first years at home with my baby researching and brainstorming. I explored alternative baby products for parents. I found things that were chemical free, non toxic and better for the environment." "

WCTV, February 18, 2009
Eco-Friendly Diapers
by Tasia Stone
" Some may raise an eyebrow at using cloth diapers, but the old rag and clothes pin method of yesterday is done. The C-E-O of Tallahassee-based company Ecological Babies says companies are making cloth diapers more stylish and cost-friendly for families who are looking for a green alternative to disposable diapers. "

Imperial Valley News, February 13, 2009
New Moms Find that Being Green Won't Break the Bank 
by ARAcontent
" 'New moms want to do what’s right for their babies without sacrificing Mother Earth or their family’s finances. That’s why it’s important for new parents to find ways to be green without breaking the family budget,' says Kelly Wels, the founder of, an Internet baby boutique specializing in eco-friendly products and cloth diapers....Wels says that Tobin, like other new moms, is part of a growing number of families who are saying "no" to disposable diapers, which are known to create the third most landfill waste in the U.S., and saying "yes" to more eco-friendly options. "

Upper Cumberland Daily News, February 11, 2009
Save Money While Raising an Infant
by Shontel Burney
" Looking for a way to save money? Have an infant or toddler at home? Consider cloth diapers! On average, it costs between $2000-$3000 to diaper each child from birth through potty training with disposable diapers. With cloth diapers, you can diaper a child for only $300-$400 and you can reuse those diapers for several children! "

Chicagonista, February 9, 2009
Calling All Green Mamas
by Lindsay Maldonado
" Want to be a green mama but don’t know where to start? Think being green is too intimidating? The Green Mama Café at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is a good place to get your feet wet. Comfy, casual, and laid-back is the best way to describe this group....These eco conscious moms meet weekly to discuss the latest and greatest trends in green parenting. An open forum to discuss what works, what doesn’t, and what to try next keeps the conversations flowing....Upcoming topics include Greener diapering: Cloth diapering, elimination communication, flushable diapers, better disposables, and starting cloth with toddlers. Bring your favorite diapers for a cloth diaper show-n-tell. "

Super Eco, February 9, 2009
Cloth diapering and grassroots activism
by Lisa Poisso
" Quick, what's more eco-conscious than reusable cloth diapers? The answer: reusable cloth diapers from a loaner service. Teeny Greenies is evangelizing for this soft, fuzzy eco-comfort by making things easy for parents who simply don't know where to start. "

Rochester Post-Bulletin, February 3, 2009
Using nifty cloth diapers can be thrifty
by Dawn Schuett
" A mother's pursuit to save money while helping the environment led Tina Darr into the diaper business.... The Rushford resident owns "Cloth Diapers Today," a home-based business she started a year ago to sell cloth diapers and other baby care supplies. "

Squidoo, February 2009
Babies in Bloom, a family-owned business dedicated to the education and support of growing families, has announced the opening of their new retail store
" Babies in Bloom will be hosting a Grand Opening Celebration, from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday February 28, 2009. Babies in Bloom will also offer several support groups and meetings, including the San Diego Real Diaper Circle and Babywearing San Diego. The new retail store will offer a wide selection of natural products for mothers, mothers-to-be, baby and family. Some of the items available include: breastfeeding supplies, skin care, slings, cloth diapers, organic clothing, books and wooden toys from companies such as Medela, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Bravado, Motherlove, Zolowear, Hotslings, bumGenius, Bebe au Lait, Plan, Robeez, HABA and many more! "

Green Junction Sentinel, January 28, 2009
Green expo draws hundreds in Grand Junction
by Le Roy Standish
" Every day human waste, bundled in tiny plastic diapers, is trucked to the Mesa County Landfill. Melissa Matthews has a better solution. She and her husband own Tender Tooshies, a reusable diaper service based in Clifton. “There certainly is a market for used diapers,” she said, while working a booth at the Build Green Live Green Sustainability Forum and Renewable Energy Expo. "

Miramichi Leader, January 23, 2009
Weatherproofing can cut your energy costs
by the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine
" A growing number of green-minded parents are starting to recognize the health and ecological benefits of reusable cloth diapers over disposables. Most brands of disposables are made from petroleum-derived plastic and wood fiber-some 250,000 trees fall each year to feed America's disposable diaper addiction. "

CBB4, Denver, Colorado, January 21, 2009
Cloth Diapers Save $$, Environment in Hard Times
by Paul Day
" New moms are discovering serious money can be saved by changing the way they diaper their babies. Basic cloth diapers are six times cheaper than disposables, according to a detailed survey by ", Schenectady, NY, January 18, 2009
Group's goal is to waste less
by Sara Foss
" When the Cellinis first became active in Simple Living, they lived in an apartment near the RPI campus. But today they own 50 acres, where they harvest and grow their own food, and they have plans to build a root cellar. They make their own wine and soda — last week a batch of ginger ale was brewing in a storage room — and use cloth diapers to cut down on waste. "

The Epoch Times, December 7, 2009
How to Choose Cloth Diapers
by Virginia Blanco
"Now we come to the fun part of cloth diapering. What’s fun in choosing cloth diapers comes from their huge variety, colors, and textures, but with so many choices one may as easily get bogged down and confused. When I was searching for my daughter’s cloth diapers I wanted to know what diapers parents were using on their babies. Reading reviews on diapers from parents proved to be a big help.", December 5, 2008
Mom pins hopes on diapering business
by Carly Harrington
"After having triplets more than three years ago, Sunny Hall turned to cloth diapering to save money. Today, the Knoxville mom is selling cloth diapers to make money. Hall is the owner of Cutie Tooties, a retail store that opened last week at 5807 Kingston Pike in Bearden selling natural and organic baby products."

The News Tribune, December 4, 2008
Fast chat: Ida Simmons, co-owner of Best Loved Baby
by Kathleen Cooper
Interview with Ida Simmons of Best Loved Baby

The Epoch Times, November 21, 2008
Why I Made the Leap to Cloth Diapering, Part 4: Saving money with cloth diapers
by Virginia Blanco
"Before knowing anything about them, cloth diapers seemed to be a sort of expensive luxury and out of my reach, but, to my surprise, the opposite was true. In the long run, using cloth diapers is less expensive than using disposables because the diapers are reused many times instead of ending up in the trash after a single use."

"My initial investment was $800, although many parents report they spent less. Included in that price are 5 dozen diapers in a variety of styles-more than enough to last four days without laundering-various diaper covers, and soap for washing."

The Epoch Times, November 13, 2008
Why I Made the Leap to Cloth Diapering, Part 3: For my baby's health
by Virginia Blanco
"Due to my daughters uncontrollable diaper rash, my pediatrician's recommendation, and after some research I made the switch to cloth diapers. Every parent using disposable diapers should know about the potential health risks. What I read shocked me."

Newswire Today, November 11, 2008
Bumkins Finer Baby Products Appears on the Popular Quiz Show Jeopardy!
"The beloved, Emmy award-winning game show, Jeopardy!, spotlighted Scottsdale based Bumkins Finer Baby Products in an episode airing on Thursday, October 30th."

"And the Answer is - Bumkins Cloth Diapers - The celebrated quiz show, which is nationally broadcasted to millions of homes daily, featured a question centered around the Bumkins founding product line, cloth diapers."

The Epoch Times, November 9, 2008
Why I Made the Leap to Cloth Diapering, Part 2: Environmental Impact of Disposables
by Virginia Blanco
"Searching for the best-quality cloth diapers for my daughter, I came across some very interesting information about how diapers affect the environment…. This translates into a very serious environmental problem for our planet, since disposable diapers are being used extensively. Attempts at recycling and composting disposable diapers have not been successful and are not cost-effective. A sound alternative is using cloth diapers. They can be reused hundreds of times and are biodegradable."

The Epoch Times, November 4, 2008
Why I Made the Leap to Cloth Diapering, Part 1
by Virginia Blanco
"A year ago, I read an article in the Epoch Times that sparked my interest in cloth diapering. The subject was not about diapers. On the contrary, it was about not using them…. Nonetheless, thanks to this article, the seeds of alternatively diapering our child were planted. It led me to think, "What is the next-best-thing to a diaper-free baby?" The answer came to me like a revelation: "A baby in cloth diapers."

Ann Arbor Business Review, October 30, 2008
Tree City Diapers doubles size, becomes "Little Seedling"
by Janet Miller
"Molly Ging had no idea her quest to find the perfect diaper would turn into a growing business."

"But five years and two children later, the Ann Arbor businesswoman saw sales at her baby and toddler store double in the past year - prompting a move to a new location in mid-October that more than doubles her space."

KOLD News 13, October 28, 2008
Retro cloth diapers save money and the environment
by Suleika Acosta
"If you have a newborn at home or even a toddler who isn't potty trained just yet, then you know how expensive disposable diapers can be. How about going back in time to the way our mothers did it, with cloth diapers."

"A baby will use 6,000 disposable diapers until they're potty trained and that adds up to thousands of dollars. Not to mention the gas for the trip to the store. That's why parents are trying a money saving alternative."

South Coast Today, October 19, 2008
Mom starts online business selling cloth diapers
by Melanie Alves
"Like many mothers, Jessica Nichols is concerned about the future of the environment for her children."

"But this mother of four is doing something about it, starting an online store for cloth diapers."

South Delta Leader, October 17, 2008
Diaper Dilemma
by Philip Raphael
"A pair of former grade school buddies are intent on cleaning up South Delta in an environmentally sound way- one newborn, toddler and preschooler at a time."

"Julie Travis and Nichole McLeod recently purchased the franchise for Happy Nappy ( cloth diaper service-and are intent on getting into the local market to rid garbage bins of disposable diapers that can significantly add to the the waste stream."

The Tribune, October 16, 2008
Enviro babywear, PeekabooBottoms Has It
by Maryanne Firth
"Whether you're an environmentally- conscious parent or just looking to save a few dollars, Peekaboo Bottoms offers some eco-and wallet-friendly products. Amy Davoli Shaver said her business venture all began while looking for more environmentally-friendly products for her newborn son. After searching endlessly on the Internet, Davoli Shaver said she realized there was a need for eco-friendly merchandise in the Niagara region, and that's when Peekaboo Bottoms was born. Originally launched as an online store only, Peekaboo Bottoms recently opened a physical location at 86 West Main St. in Welland. The store features clothing, toys and accessories for babies, all with the environment in mind. "

"Cloth diapers are one of the stores biggest sellers, said Davoli Shaver, because they are economical, better for both the environment and a baby's health, as well as a "fun trend," available in a variety of colours and "cute prints." "

Toronto Star, October 16, 2008
Firm cleans up in diaper business
by Jerry Langton
"Susan Hood went into a franchising show looking to open a spa; she left it excited about cleaning diapers…"

"Then she saw the display for Happy Nappy, an Edmonton-based company that had developed a new hyper-efficient reusable cloth diaper. The thought of making money by helping people and reducing waste really appealed to her."

Examiner Washington, D.C., October 8, 2008
Diaper Diaries: The Diaper Challenge
by Angele Sionna
This is a part of a new series of stories called Diaper Diaries - The Diaper Challenge that explores cloth diapering, which is gaining in popularity everyday.

"I challenged diaper companies small and large to send me their best diaper to test out. I will be reporting my findings about each diaper individually as well as comparing and contrasting them later in this series. Each diaper has been tested for about a month or more by both my one year old and 2.5 year old girls"

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to read all the reviews to date.)

San Francisco Chronicle, October 7, 2008
The Mommy Files: Secrets of a diaper delivery truck driver
by Amy Graff
"If anyone can stand the smell of a poopy diaper, it's Wyman Savage. For the past 13 years, Savage has driven a cloth diaper delivery truck, visiting families all over the Bay Area. He works for ABC Tidee Didee*, one of our country's few remaining cloth diaper services."

"Of course, Savage is an advocate for cloth diapers and he used them on his own two children, who are now 10 and 12. "A lot of studies have shown that babies potty train more quickly in cloth diapers," he says. "Plus, the disposable diapers are full of chemicals and they end up in landfills. Our cloth diapers are very soft, 100 percent cotton, and they have no chemicals. We have very few rash problems.."

Calgary Herald, September 29, 2008
Babes in green-land
by Lisa Kadane
"They're cute, fashionable, fabulous and -- most importantly -- they're helping save the planet. Six-month-old Taylor Filan's pink Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers keep the poop in, the diaper rash out and are easy to clean."

"They were also her parents' first stop on the road to raising a green baby."

The Olympian, September 29, 2008 
Get expert advice for switch to cloth diapers
by Meredith Poldrack-Segrist "Forget the pins and rubber pants. Cloth diapers have come a long way since your grandma's day. Think colors and cute patterns, Velcro and snap closures and fewer leaks."

"When I decided to transition to cloth diapers for my 11-month-old son, Sam, I was overwhelmed by the options. What to buy? Bamboo? Hemp? Pocket? Pre-fold? All-in-one? I really just wanted someone to say, "Use this one!" Experts Diana Alatalo of Babies Bottoms and More in Farmers Branch, Texas, and April Kelm of Green Baby Diaper Service in Rockwall, Texas, offer advice."

Press Release, September 19, 2008
LolliDoo Diapers and The Real Diaper Association Join Forces to Protect Fannies
"Go Green Sustainable Industries, LLC, makers of LolliDoo® Diapers ( has added their voice to the call for revolution…the cloth diaper revolution. Founding Partners, Melissa Morgan and Alison Manes, feel The Real Diaper Association's ( mission is perfectly in line with their bottom line-they both want to put cloth on babies' bottoms."

Houston County News, September 8, 2008
La Crescent diaper delivery service one of last two in Minnesota
by Steve Cahalan
"The last cloth diaper home-delivery service in the Twin Cities has pooped out, apparently leaving a Duluth-area service and Small Change Diaper Service in La Crescent as the last two in Minnesota."

"However, Small Change's client base for diaper cleaning and home-delivery service has doubled from 13 to 26 since the first of the year, said Carmen Barthel, who manages the laundry services for ABC (Ability Building Center)."

KABC-TV, Los Angeles, September 3, 2008
Parents going 'green' are saving money
by Denise Dador
"Gerrit and Maura Bulman are trying to raise their son Quin in an eco-friendly world….One green step they've taken is cloth diapers. About 27 million disposable diapers are used every year. More than 90 percent end up in landfills -- where they take up to 500 years to decompose.", September 2008
Cloth Diapers Making a Green Comeback
by Jeff Beamish
"Like most moms, Trisha Gratrix wondered what cloth diapering was all about. Trisha says, "I met a bunch of moms that did and they showed them to me. So when I had my third, I knew I wanted to use them." She knew how easy they were to use, proclaiming, "It's not difficult at all, It's just throwing them in the wash every 2-3 days, which I can attest is easier than going to the store with three kids." Problem is, she had nowhere to find them. So she started Ten Tiny Piggies: an online store selling cloth diapers out of her home."

Congressional Record, August 5, 2008
Snowe Honors Waterford Business with Mention in Congressional Record
"Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship U.S Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) recognized Kelly Wels of Kelly’s Closet Inc. in Waterford with a mention in the Congressional Record as a testament to her successful online cloth diaper business."

Press Release, July 28, 2008
Diaper Lab Owner and Cloth Diapering Expert Salina Gonzales Frazier Featured on Parents TV
"Salina Gonzales Frazier, cloth diapering expert and owner of new retail store Diaper Lab ( ), is featured in a recent Parents TV segment discussing diapering options for parents. In the "Diaper Duty" episode, currently viewable on the Parents TV website and Parents TV Select On Demand channel, Salina showcases the range of modern cloth diaper styles, their ease-of-use, and discusses their environmental, economic, and health benefits."

Wicked Local, July 24, 2008
Green Trend Hits Wellesley Diaper Set
by Elana Zak
"Starting next month, even the babies in Wellesley will begin to go green...A new store, Your Baby Naturally, is coming to Wellesley Square in August. The store will sell organic baby products such as clothes made without chemicals or dyes, wooden toys, organic bedding and cloth diapers. It is the first, and so far only, store of its kind in Wellesley."

Oakville Beaver, July 23, 2008
Cloth Diapers Better than Disposables
Roger Cook, in his letter to the editor writes: "I had to smile at Patrick Jones letter regarding stinky diapers in the garbage for up to two weeks. The obvious answer is to use cloth diapers, as we did, as not only does that solve the problem, but also avoids the addition of the disposable diapers into the Town's land fill. This is another example of modern society's need for convenience over common sense and social responsibility, just like polluting the air while waiting in a drive-through line up at the local coffee shop.", July 22, 2008
10News Tips: Cloth vs. disposable diapers
"The love is free, but clothing, feeding and caring for a baby is expensive. If your little one is still in diapers, you might consider a switch from disposable to cloth. We've long known that cloth diapers are far better for the environment. In a year's time, Americans use enough disposable diapers to fill up a football stadium 3 times over. And it can take several lifetimes for a disposable diaper to decompose. The cost advantage of cloth is also causing some moms to make the switch."

CBC News, July 15, 2008
Diaper debate: Cloth makes a comeback
by Romana King
"When it comes to caring for our babies, most people want only the best. For more and more parents, however, what's best extends far beyond the crib, nursery or playschool — the decisions involve what is best for the environment, while watching the pocketbook. For many eco-friendly and cost-conscious parents, those decisions are prompting a return to cloth when covering baby's bottom.", July 15, 2008
Cloth diapers vs. disposables
by Jennifer Howe
"Sara Hanson has been using cloth diapers since her 14-year-old daughter, Taylor, was 9 months old..."

"Sara Hanson said, 'I think they breathe a lot more. I think they're softer on their skin. My two year old loves to pick out his diapers. This color. That color. Some have things on them, so there's sort of a fun factor there.'"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 15, 2008
Paper cutter: Wilkins mom goes to great lengths to make paperless household work
by Marylynne Pitz
"Mary Beth Karchella-MacCumbee belongs to what she calls "the cloth community" and tries, as much as possible, to live a paperless life."

"A skilled seamstress who whips fabric around a sewing machine like a magician doing sleight-of-hand tricks, the Wilkins mother of three turns out cloth diapers, panty liners and bags of all shapes and sizes for busy female executives, college students and youngsters bound for elementary classes.", June 11, 2008
Green backs: More parents are turning to earth-friendly cloth diapers
by Gina Chen
"When Anne Pandian, of Clay, was a baby, she was allergic to disposable diapers. So she sought out cloth diapers when pregnant with her oldest, who is now 2. She expected to find the plain white diapers her mom had used on her. Instead, she found cloth diapers in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. "There's so many it's ridiculous," says Pandian, who also cloth diapers her 5-month-old daughter."

"Cloth diapers were the only choice for decades of parents until disposables gained popularity in the early 1970s, touted for their convenience and absorbency. But cloth diapers are making a comeback with parents worried about chemicals in disposable diapers or who are trying to lessen their impact on the planet."

Daily News-Record, May 16, 2008
Green Parenting: Luray Mom's Book Helps Others Raise Environmentally-Conscious Kids
by Luanne Austin
"Savedge has many other tips for parents, which she has compiled into a book called, "The Green Parent: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Earth-Friendly Living." She also has an online blog where she shares her daily discoveries about living green, and speaks at workshops and festivals around the country."

"Megan Williams, also of Luray, has a 2-year-old. She was already composting, using cloth diapers and recycling, but says Savedge's life is a 'good reminder not to buy so much stuff.'"

St. Louis Post Dispatch, May 5, 2008
Cloth diapers do the trick in saving the environment
by Diane Toroian Keaggy
"Rebekah Sciaroni did not aspire to save the Earth when she switched to cloth diapers. She simply wanted to speed up the torment parents call potty training."

Celebrity Baby Blog, May 5, 2008
CBB Exclusive: John Fortson and Christie Lynn Smith give update on daughter and use of Happy Heinys
by Angela
"Actors John Fortson and Christie Lynn Smith recently shared with CBB that they had welcomed their first child, daughter Abby Ryder, 7 weeks ago, and now they are giving us a little insight into their lives with her, and also discussed how happy they are with a certain diapering product..."

"'In sharing our happiness, we also would love to pass along to other parents and or parents to be, one of the best discoveries in baby products that we have found, Happy Heinys cloth diapers.'"

Fox21 Colorado Springs/Puebo, April 30, 2008
Diapers go green
by Christina Salvo
"When it comes to dirty diapers many parents may think they can't be thrown away fast enough, but a local look at our landfills tells a different story."

"'In El Paso County 85 million diapers are going in the landfills each year,' said Kelly Epstein, owner of Eco-Baby a cloth diaper service. It is that statistic along with others like:disposable diapers being the third largest single consumer item in landfills and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste that prompted Epstein to do something to help. That something was opening a diaper service locally that provides alternative to disposable diapers."

YLE News, April 28, 2008
KELA Begins Distribution of 2008 Maternity Packages
"The Finnish Social Insurance Institution KELA begins distribution of newborn supplies to expectant mothers this week. Products in this year's package have attracted a great deal of attention because of the focus on safety and the environment."

"The maternity packages have included cloth diapers for two years already. With the use of non-disposable diapers growing, the Institution has a golden opportunity to test and encourage their use by including them in the newborn packages. "

Morning Sentinel, April 22, 2008
New businesses blooming in Franklin County
by Morning Sentinel Staff
"A business based on moms helping moms -- and dads -- is opening in Farmington. Blessed Baby Boutique, which has been on Main Street in Wilton for the past year, is relocating to Farmington..."

"Local mom Aimee Grimmel's line of BooBear Buns includes cloth diapers, covers and all-in-ones, and a line of baby slings all made with cotton."

Tuscaloosa News, April 20, 2008
Soft, cloth diapers have benefits
by Kristi Palma
"When the topic of cloth diapers is brought up at play dates or baby showers, the general consensus is that they're gross and time-consuming. But ask a cloth-diapering mom how she does it and she's likely to say it's a breeze - and say it peacefully. I wanted to understand that peace. I also wanted to find out if my baby, as well as the environment, would get anything out of it.", April 18, 20008
Every day is Earth Day for local mom
by Robin Morris
"Surprising their family and friends, they made the decision to use cloth diapers...'At first, people thought we were crazy', admitted Robin, 'but then they saw how easy they were to use.'"

Red Bank Green, April 11, 2008
"Kristin Cooper Rainey is passionate about reusable diapers."

"One might reasonably ask: 'Why?' After all, they have what you might call an image problem, starting with the fact that they're diapers, and, unlike their throwaway brethren, not exactly the most convenient solution to a problem as old as human heinies. "

Northwest Arkansas Times, April 10, 2008
Restore Humanity to host baby shower for Kenyan newborns 
"Newborn babies in Kenya will receive formula, diapers and other necessities through the latest Restore Humanity event Saturday...Through "Baby Shower for Kenya," Restore Humanity founder Sarah Fennel is collecting cloth diapers, sheets, blankets, cribs, bottles and numerous other goods for a new baby clinic in Kenya. "

New Mom's Guide to Baby Laundry
by Dana Sullivan
"If you use cloth diapers and don't have a diaper service, keeping the right supplies on hand will make laundering them easier."

Daily News Record, April 4, 2008
Quick Work of Dirty Laundry: Cloth Diaper Service Expands to Harrisonburg
by Elizabeth Rome 
"The Stork diaper service wants to take the dirty work out of using cloth diapers... Today, the professional service based in Charlottesville begins delivery to the Harrisonburg area. The company will bring customers freshly laundered diapers and pick up soiled linens once a week."

"Friedmann and her business partner, Alice Riccabona, bought the 20-year-old service two years ago and have been growing ever since. Six months ago, they expanded to Richmond. "We have a real enthusiasm about cloth diaper services," said Friedmann, 42, a mother of three. Encouraged by years of phone inquiries from Harrisonburg residents, the partners are starting a six-month trial period in the region. "I think it's a wonderful service in this town. We have quite a few people who would be interested," said Dr. Susie Smith, a pediatrician with Pediatric Associates in Harrisonburg. Modern cloth diapers no longer require fancy folding and skill with safety pins, says Friedmann. "There's no origami. Pre-folded layers are already sewn up. All you have to do is fold it like a burrito," she said."

The Times Union, March 30, 2008
Working, and living, green
by Jennifer Gish
"California Babestuff, an Internet-only, Ballston Spa-based business...The business carries a variety of baby items, including natural baby skin-care products, breastfeeding supplies and slings for parents to tote around their children. But the company's main product is cloth diapers."

"'A lot of people who aren't super-earthy still don't like the idea of throwing away that many diapers and spending that much money on them, too,' says Jenkins, who became interested in the natural parenting industry when she decided to use cloth diapers for her now 2-year-old daughter."

Asheville Citizen-Times, March 16, 2008
Baby goes green: Organic clothes, toys for young children a rising trend
by Dale Neal 
"'I never put plastic on their bottoms,' Cannon recalled. Because she was living in Japan at the time, 'I was able to find all these cool baby things.'

"But finding natural diapers and other clothing without any harmful chemicals was harder in the U.S. a quarter century ago."

Des Moines Register, March 13, 2008
Switching to cloth diapers
by Erin Crawford
"A few weeks ago, a local business owner issued a challenge: Try cloth diapers."

San Diego Daily Transcript, March 11, 2008
Money in the Morning
by George Chamberlin 
"Congratulations to Linda Byerline, founder and CEO of Happy Heiny's of El Cajon. It was announced this morning that she has been selected as a winner of the 2008 Working Mother magazine's Entrepreneur Mom Award."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 7, 2008
What to get this spring's flock of new green babies
by K.C. Ridihalgh
"Cloth diaper starter packs. Many of the diaper sites put together a "boot camp" version of their products. This will get everyone off on the right foot." Magazine, March 2008
Cloth Diaper Comeback
"Cloth diapers are easier, cheaper, more convenient, and less wasteful than disposables. Find out why in 'Dumping Disposable Diapers' and 'The ABCs of Going Cloth,' two complementary articles in the March-April 2008 issue of Mothering magazine that outline how to make a smooth transition to cloth."

"Join Mothering at the Seattle Green Festival, April 12 & 13th. Visit our booth in the Kids Zone and learn about the practical aspects of cloth diapering from The Real Diaper Association. Subscribe to our print or digital edition at the festival and enter to win a Cloth Diaper Kit."

CBS 42, February 28, 2008
Cloth diapers are making a comeback
by Elizabeth Dannheim
"Cloth diapers may sound old school, but actually they're making a comeback, especially here in Austin, where the green movement is going strong."

The Daily Times, February 21, 2008
German brothers find a market in Salisbury for cloth diapers
by Jackie Jennings
"Stephan Kalinski, 26 and single with no children of his own, is probably the last person one would expect to find folding cloth diapers into baby-friendly configurations. But as he sits at a conference table in the old Wicomico airport, it is clear he knows exactly what he is doing: a fold here, a tuck there, and a plastic "Snappi" to hold it all together."

BC Local News, February 20, 2008
Store wants to strengthen families
by Kerstin Renner
"There is no question about who is the center of attention at Bumble Tree, the new business on Ninth Street. Nestled between a barber shop and a jewelry store, the Bumble Tree often bustles with activity as the youngest members of the community sample the products from cool wooden tractors to soft cotton dolls...Other specialty items are cloth diapers, organic cotton clothing, soft-soled 'Stones' winter footwear - to be worn over regular shoes - and Swiss-made SIGG metal water bottles."

Northwest Herald, February 20, 2008
Mama nature: Start saving the Earth at the moment of birth
by Geneva White
"For many parents, caring for their babies is an exercise in green living... And then there’s the mother of all green parenting – using cloth diapers instead of those oh-so-convenient disposables. Environmental experts estimate the average baby undergoes at least 2,500 to 5,000 diaper changes by the time he or she is potty-trained."

Duluth News Tribune, February 18, 2008
Britt couple finds success selling cloth diapers
A Britt couple’s business was born of a stubborn sore on their daughter’s bottom. Hope Wilson shakes her head as she recalls the discomfort of her first child, Mackenzie. “She had a diaper rash that we couldn’t get rid of,” Wilson said. Finally, someone suggested Hope and Jess Wilson switch from disposable to cloth diapers, and the rest is history.

Portland Press Herald, February 15, 2008
by Matt Wickenheiser
Cutting Her Teeth in E-Commerce
"Disposable diapers are a significant expense. Although it costs about $400 as an initial investment to get started in cloth diapers, a family can save about $2,500 over two years, said Wels. And if they're taken care of properly, diapers can be used for younger siblings, too. Her business exploded as she focused on various brands of cloth diapers. "

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 23, 2008
Cloth diapers hold piles of money for local company
by Valerie Schremp Hahn
"These are not the cloth diapers you might have worn as a baby. They're certainly not the diapers your parents wore...These diapers, branded bumGenius, were created by local husband-wife team Jenn and Jimmy Labit, and are one of the best-selling brands in the growing cloth diaper market. That's right. A growing cloth diaper market."

Norwich Bulletin, January 13, 2008
Parents opting for cloth diapers over disposables
by Fran Kefalas
"People are so much more aware of what they are consuming now," Salegna said. "The environment is the No. 1 reason we see people cloth diapering."

Bethel Citizen, January 2008
Entrepreneur finds a niche in cyber nappies
by Alison Aloisio
Profile: RDA Member Kelly Wels of Kelly's Closet 
"Wels owns an Internet business, 'Kelly’s Closet,' from which she sells modern cloth diapers out of her Waterford home."

Northwest Arkansas Times, January 2, 2008
Natural Baby Store "Not Just Hippie Stuff"
by Marsha L. Melnichak
Dominating the shop are boxes of cloth diapers and the bright, decorated diaper covers that go with them. "That was our platform. That's why we opened," she said. Terra Tots offers five brands of cloth diapers.

TIME Magazine, January 2008
Diapers Go Green
by Pamela Paul
[I]t may come as a surprise to learn that cloth diapering is making a comeback.

The Ithaca Journal (New York), November 14, 2007
Sustainability drives Diaper Duty: Ithaca-owned firm delivers, takes away cloth diapers
by Linda Stout
" So when [Jesse Hill] learned that the diaper service he used for his son was for sale several years ago, he bought it. Cottontails was a Syracuse-based business with most of its clients in the Ithaca area, Hill said. He changed the name to Diaper Duty. Hill drops off and picks up diapers for his clients, he said."

Community Impact Newspaper (Round Rock, Texas), November 2007
Closer Look: Tiny Bird Organics: Children's shop promotes earth-friendly styles
by Beth Wade 
Local paper profile of store that sells organic cloth diapers.

Lawrence Journal-World, November 6, 2007
From the cloth: Lawrence families get behind reusable diapers for their environmental, economic benefits
"The reason I didn't do cloth diapers with my first son is because I didn't have any examples. It seemed intimidating to me," Beverly says. "I want people to have an opportunity to learn about it and see some moms who do it.", October 10, 2007
Cloth or Disposable -- Diapers, of course! 
As part of their series, Climate Crisis Solutions, asked for comments on diapers.

Waterloo Chronicle, October 10, 2007
Diapers n' More's new location has more selection for shoppers. 
"Opening a store like Diapers n' More, at 55 Erb St. E., was something Helen Mahy has dreamed about doing for decades, ever since her daughter developed an allergy to perfume and wasn't able to wear disposable diapers."

"We got into using cloth diapers, and I always wanted to be able to educate people on that and have them available because there just was nothing available," she said.", September 24, 2007
Cloth diapers get makeover in fit, variety. 
Great focus on local parents running a small diaper service and retail stores online. The also have a local meet up.
"Several Middle Tennessee families are ditching disposables and joining the cloth diaper movement because they believe cloth is kinder to the environment, gentler on their babies' tushies and better for the bottom line."

Toledo Blade , September 23, 2007
The diaper decision: Disposables or cloth? Both have their supporters. 
Two local parents teach cloth diapering classes. 
"[T]hey had tried and then given up on cloth diapers at one time because they didn’t have enough information and didn’t know anyone they could turn to for answers. Now that they know more, they want to help other parents who might be using disposables because they aren’t aware of today’s cloth diaper options or don’t know enough about using them."

Asbury Park Press, September 14, 2007
Diaper Dilemna - Cloth may be safer for baby, Mother Earth. 
"Diapers may not seem much of a topic for conversation, until you're changing 10 or more a day. Then you start thinking about them. You start thinking about chemicals and landfills and how much money they cost. And then, if you're Julia Clark, you discover a new old solution — in colorful prints, microfiber and Velcro. These are not your mama's cloth diapers."

Asheville Citizen-Times, September 10, 2007
Women launch organic baby store in West Asheville. 
"When Sonja Hernandez gave birth to her son and couldn’t find a store that carried the baby products she wanted, she did what any new mother would do — she partnered with a friend and opened her own shop."

Savannah Morning News, September 5, 2007
Internet spurs cloth diaper comeback.
"Cloth diapers used to disgust Faye Butler. "My impression of cloth diapers was always a faint memory of plain white flat cotton cloths and hot vinyl Gerber pants," Butler said. "And that you were supposed to dunk a cloth diaper in the toilet. Who wants to do that?"

Cookie, September 2007
Diaper Duties 
by Josh Sens
"Like composting and Prius ownership, opting for cloth diapers has a virtuous glow—it's a sign of your willingness to tiptoe lightly across the earth."

Fort Morgan Times, August 31, 2007
Local women provide diapers to Haiti.
"The Thimbleberries Club, about 50 people who enjoy sewing and, Hocheder said, gathering together to be friends, has already pitched in for Haitians.
They made more than 120 cloth diapers and a couple of dozen receiving blankets and purchased a couple of dozen pairs of plastic pants to send to the Caribbean island nation, where poorer families average $90 to $300 a year.
The Thimbleberries are providing cloth diapers so they can be washed and used again; the diapers are made so they can be tied together, since many Haitian women do not have diaper pins.

Burlington Free Press, August 23, 2007
Bebop Baby Shop opens in Essex Junction.
"Cloth diapers are kind of my big thing," Ryan said. "I don't wear paper underwear, and I don't want my baby to, either."

Leader Post, August 11, 2007
Cloth diapers back in style.
"The retro business of bundling babies' bottoms is making its way to Saskatchewan, one cloth diaper at a time."

Kennebec Journal, August 2007
Boutique caters to natural parenting. 
"Founder Heidi MacIsaac said the idea of opening a store that sold the products she wanted to use for her children started last spring. She began searching online for the new generation of cloth diapers. Unlike the clunky ones from a generation ago, these are easy to use and earth-friendly. She said in the process, she discovered a new world."

Beacon News, August 15, 2007
'A business based on poop'. 
"Pamela Kopcio didn't know what to do when her second child, Annalyse, suffered a never-ending bout with diaper rash. She tried creams and medications. She sought advice from her doctor. She purchased various disposable diaper products. At last she thought the unthinkable -- How 'bout cloth diapers?"

Cincinnati City Beat, August 8, 2007
Wrap your baby in Cotton, not Plastic. 
"Cloth diapers are an easy-to-use, inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to landfill destined disposables.", August 6, 2007
Tree City Diapers Keeps Changing from Basement to Store. 
" Molly Ging always assumed she would cloth-diaper her children, because she had worn cloth diapers as a baby. What she didn't expect was to have so few choices of cloth diapers or services in environment-friendly Ann Arbor., Chicago, Illinois, August 2, 2007
Cloth Diaper Company Wants to Make Old New Again. 
"...more than 90 percent of today's babies are in disposable diapers. But there is a green movement to go back in time..."
See the video version of this story.

Metro Mode, August 2, 2007
Green Space: Baby's First Word Might Be Sustainability! 
"Lastly, the dreaded diaper debate. There are people who say that cloth diapers are not more sustainable than disposable ones because of the waste inherent in washing them. Nice try, but the fact remains, the 6,000 diapers the average baby will wear do not decompose for hundreds of years."

People Magazine, July 9, 2007
Dave Matthews Goes Green with Eco-Friendly Diapers. 
"Rock star Dave Matthews's infant son, August, is getting an early lesson in environmental protection: He wears reusable cloth diapers rather than the disposable kind."

The Times-Record, July 9, 2007 
Reuse or Dispose; Local mom discovers cloth diapers save money and are eco-friendly
Sarah Hedberg writes about her experience with cloth diapers.
"Environmental concerns and saving money were, and are, my main motivations for using cloth diapers. But could I stick with it? "

Maine Coast
Me and the bee
RDA business member Jennifer Moore Temple of Buzzie Bee Diapers writes a regular column about cloth diapering in her local newspaper. The column appears every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Natural Family Online, November 9, 2006
Dispose of Your Disposables!
Living outside the box isn’t as hard as you might think. The answer is as close as that old stand-by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers relied on: cloth.

Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona, September 23, 2006
Ex-botany teacher puts future in cloth diapers
RDA business member Shannon Doan of Wildflower Diapers is profiled in her local newspaper.
"[T]here's a significant saving by using cloth diapers. Doan says it costs about $1,000 a year to keep a child in disposable diapers, and for $350 you can buy enough cloth diapers to last until that great day when toilet-training takes."

Women's Environmental Network: New research shows misconceptions about cloth nappies, London, UK, August 1, 2006
Easier than expected
"Three-quarters of parents who have no experience of cloth nappies have outdated ideas far from the reality of using modern nappies."

Times Union: Caring Communities, Albany, New York, July 18, 2006
Simple life liberates adherents from stress
"We might not have the money we used to, but we don't need it. A sign of their changed ways is opting for cloth diapers."

Tri-State Online: Local, Arizona, Nevada, California, July 12, 2006
LA Mom gives birth to quadruplets 3 years after having triplets.
"When the older girls are at school and her husband is at work, a friend has offered to help with the newborns and the triplets. All seven are in cloth diapers that have to be changed and laundered."

Green Bay Press-Gazette: Local, Green Bay, WI, June 30, 2006
Mission keeps children warm around the world.
"After Hurricane Katrina, the mission sent cloth diapers for use by infants of displayed people along the Gulf Coast."

WCF Courier: Lifestyles, Cedar Falls, Cedar Falls, IA, June 17, 2006
Moms tout benefits of washable diapers.
"One mentions cloth diapering and people immediately think of folding, pinning and rubber pants and close that off as an option. But that is the stone-age era of cloth diapering."

Press and Sun-Bulletin: News, Greater Binghamton, NY, May 14, 2006
Super Mom: 60 babies & counting. Vestal woman an intermediary in adoption process
"A self-described "old-fashioned" woman, Caveny prefers to dress the babies in cloth diapers -- she just placed an order for four dozen"

The Coloradoan: Local, April 24, 2006
Diaper duo tackles misperceptions of cloth. 
"Their small business delivers fresh cloth diapers to households in Northern Colorado and Denver and picks up customers' used diapers once a week.

"The biggest hurdle the business faces is the perception that cloth diapers are not a viable option, said Irene Watterson."

The Charlotte Observer: Local » North Carolina, April 17, 2006
This land is yours and mine. Take small steps to help environment, reconsider disposables. 
"Alas, with my children now more independent and Earth Day almost upon us, I find my thoughts are drifting dumpwards again. According to a 2004 report from the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources our state is continuing "a trend of increasing the amount of solid waste requiring disposal." Earth Day Primer, April 17, 2006
Sharing thoughts on making a better world.
"It's easy to take small steps in your life to help the environment. For me, with an infant, I've decided to use cloth diapers. I wash them in a high-efficiency washer and hang them to dry, and they're ready by the next morning."

Falls Church News Press: Local » Northern Virginia, March 2-8, 2006
Local Mom Turns Entrepreneur, Offers Advice.
"Sprague’s business doesn’t just benefit customers, though. She also donates funds and cloth diapers to, a non-profit organization that supplies cloth diapers to low income families. Another feature of the website is the list of blogs, which Jennifer says supply the latest expert parenting articles and advice."

Burlington Free Press: Local » Vermont, January 22, 2006
The debate on disposable diapers.
"Saturday afternoon, Landry presented a seminar at City Market on the benefits of cloth diapers compared with disposable diapers, and while the issue is still open for debate over what is best for children and the environment, Landry's position was compelling for those in attendance."

Delaware Online: Delaware Parent » Article, November 27, 2005
Pin on a fashionable diaper.
"It's a Friday afternoon and I'm stalking a retail Web site, hitting Refresh every few minutes and waiting for new products to be loaded. But I'm not in the hunt for what you might think -- this holiday season's most sought-after toy or a limited edition designer purse. I'm shopping for cloth diapers."

Manitoban Online: Volume 93, Issue 13, November 21, 2005
Sustainable Alternatives.
"The problem: Massive volumes of waste come in the form of disposable items such as Kleenex, diapers and feminine hygiene products. The use of diapers alone leaves behind an estimated 2.7 tons of garbage per child. The solution: No one is suggesting reusable toilet paper, but it is easy enough to revert to things like hankies and cloth diapers."

MSNBC: Business » Small Business, November 16, 2005
105 Service Businesses to Start Today. Service with a smile -- and a profit.
"Diaper Delivery. Whoever said cloth diapers couldn't be convenient--and user-friendly? Velcro diaper "wraps" replace awkward pins, and pickup and delivery take the dirty work out of diapering."

Village Soup Times: Business, October 5, 2005
A dirty job, but somebody wants to do it.
Jennifer Temple of Buzzie Bee Diapers is the owner, operator, driver, and cleaner for her home-based cloth diaper service.
"Home diaper service, in which fresh cloth diapers are delivered weekly, has in most cases gone the way of the milkman and the afternoon home-delivered newspaper. Temple is reviving the home-spun business in Rockland, where the last such service died 15 years ago." October 1, 2005
Hello cloth, good bye disposables.
"The idea that a disposable is more absorbent is a moot point. On the packaging, it says that a baby should be changed when wet or soiled. The fact that the diaper can hold large amounts is irrelevant. To leave a child in a disposable until maximum capacity is reached is unthinkable, so that argument isn't valid." July 17, 2005
Bare-bottom babies. A small but committed number of parents shun diapers for their infants, saying it just works better.
"Rawlinson and her daughters are part of a tiny but growing number of families in the United States, Canada, Germany and other modernized nations around the world that are ditching the diaper and embracing the way humans had raised their babies for millennia."

Arrive Net: New Products | Press Releases July 11, 2005
Little Monkey Inc. launches online shopping boutique with an original pledge.
"Little Monkey Inc. has recently developed the unique Hand-Me-Down Pledge ™. This promotion gives consumers the option to pass along purchased products to family and friends and ultimately return them to Little Monkey Inc. after they have been fully used or outgrown. The items will then be replaced with new products of equal or greater retail value and donated to a variety of local Children's Charitable organizations."

The Boston Globe - Living/Arts: July 5, 2005
Look, Ma, no diaper! Some local parents are embracing a technique for potty training infants
"Hannah was 4 days old when Rothstein first "caught" her before she actually went to the bathroom, and Hannah has been going in a potty ever since. Rothstein sometimes lays out cloth diapers under her to sop up any "accidents." And she uses little cloth training pants when they go out."

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle - Business: June 27, 2005
Going for the Gold in Diapers: Entrepreneurs See Opportunity in Cloth Care
"Susan Mraz has a degree in business and seven years' experience as a loan underwriter at a major U.S. bank. Who would have guessed she'd end up smelling opportunity in baby bottoms?"

Pregnancy & Baby - Baby Health: June 2, 2005
Going Green: Options for Your Baby
"Today, cloth diapers are priced competitively if you use a diaper service, though buying a set of diapers and washing them yourself is much cheaper. Many people use disposables for convenience. Others use cloth (typically a cotton or cotton/hemp blend) because they feel it's better for the environment and for their babies."

Tampa Bay Times - Living & Style: June 1, 2005
Potty Prodigies
"Seamus Fitzpatrick woke up from his nap and looked around the room sleepily. His mother took his cloth diaper off and placed him on a small, white plastic potty. Within a minute the sound of urine hitting plastic could be heard. Mission accomplished."

NY Times - Schoolwork: May 22, 2005
Questions for Margaret Spelling, the first Secretary of Education with school-age children.
"Oh, I nursed my daughters for a year and nine months -- one for a year and one for nine months. And I used cloth diapers and made my own baby food, and I didn't put my kids on a bunch of antibiotics."

CBC Health & Science News: May 20, 2005
British Diaper Study Causes Flap
"Elizabeth Hartigan of the Women's Environment Network said the sample size for assessing the way parents use cloth diapers was too small and so it was unfair to draw conclusions."

NY Times Archive - National Desk: April 28, 2005
'Soccer Mom' Education Chief Plays Hardball for Bush Team'
"I would just say that I nursed my kids for a long time; I made my own baby food," Ms Spellings told repoerters at a press breakfast. " I mean I used cloth diapers, not Pampers."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: May 19,2005
Marvin Comic
"You prefer paper or plastic?"

Mobile Register: May 8, 2005
Mother-daughter diaper duo finds success on the Web
"Martha Yim, 30, of Daphne gave birth to an idea and her mother, 61-year-old Ann Troutman of Atmore, helped her deliver it. The product is one that only a mom could love: custom-fitted cloth diapers."

Clovis News Journal: May 8, 2005
Let's hear it for the moms
"Married three years, Campbell believes in mothering the natural way, with cloth diapers, breast feeding, and being there every millisecond for all her child’s needs."

Mid ColumbiaTri-City Herald: May 8, 2005
Role of a Lifetime
"As a mother of nine, Joan Casper spent nearly seven years pregnant, changed 40,000 cloth diapers and had children in her home for 36 years, said her daughter Lisa Merrill of Merrill's Corner."





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