cloth diapering in a day care setting

cloth diapering in a day care setting

Hello! I'm the owner of Buzzie Bee Diapers, a small scale diaper service on the coast of Maine.( This week, two of my customers have expressed interest in continuing cloth diapers when their children start daycare this summer. I've spoken with one of the daycare directors and have realized the issue is not that they are against cloth diapers but that they don't know how to handle the soiled diapers. With disposables, they just all go in the same bin. Any tips on how a center might separate and store soiled cloth diapers. One center in particular has 6 babies in cloth at home but not at the center. They want to offer cloth as an option but only if they can figure out a space conscious way to store the soiled diapers until pick up. Thanks for any advice!


If you can find the state regulations for day care centers, you might find that they have something included in the regs. If you go here,, you can find these statements towards the bottom of the page: 6. Child Care Facilities using cloth diapers shall comply with diapering guidelines available from the Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Health. 7. All containers of soiled cloth or disposable diapers shall be removed daily from the childcare areas. It may be that each family will need to bring their own locking diaper pail with them each day and then take it home each night. The other alternative would be to figure out a way to keep all the cloth diapers in a single locking container, but have separate bags inside for each child. That may complicate matters a bit more, but it would take up less space. Hope that helps! Marie
It sounds like the customers all use the Original Poster's same diaper service, so I would think individual pails for each child would not be necessary. I wonder if the day care could just toss all the dipes into a big latching diaper pail lined with a washable liner during the day, then move the filled washable bag outside in some corner ready for pick-up from the diaper service? And replace the pail with a fresh new liner? I use cloth with my toddler twins, and I could visualize the center using something like what I do... I have a tall kitchen-size garbage can with a flip-top latching lid, into which I put a large washable wet bag. My dipes all get tossed in there (I do knock off the poop first) until wash day. The can gets stinky, which I would think would be less of a problem for the center than their even-stinkier disposable diapers system, so I keep my diaper bin just outside the back door on the porch. I do not have a problem with bugs. If the center doesn't knock off poop for you (I can't imagine they would!), then maybe just ask them to put the poopy ones inside plastic baggies and toss the plastic baggie into the bin with the other dipes. It would mean more sorting work before washing for the diaper service, but it seems 6 happy customers and day care workers with a positive experience would be worth it.

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