cloth diaper testimonials

cloth diaper testimonials

Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to the question,"Why did you choose cloth?"

Follow the above link to literally pages upon pages of testimonials. And? If you didn't post your testimonial there upon sign-up, do it now. Log in to your membership area and update your files. Then, come on back here and post it on the blog as well! Let us know why you chose cloth THEN and why you are choosing cloth now! Cloth diaper testimonials are collected and may be used monthly in the E-Newsletter, as well as in the printed Quarterly!

Here are a few testimonials from our newest members.

Business Member, Christy Perce wrote:
"I began cloth diapering because I wanted the best for my children and the environment. We were on a tight budget and I was tired of throwing away money and diapers, it seemed like the obvious choice. It didn't take long before I was hooked. Also, once I started cloth diapering and realized the chemicals that are in disposables, I was so glad I made this healthier choice for my children."

Individual Member, Melanie Vonfange wrote:
"Because it is better for the enviroment, my pocket book and my baby!"


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