Cloth Diaper Survey Prizes

Cloth Diaper Survey Prizes

Crocheted cotton veggie bags
To thank you for your participation in the Great Cloth Diaper Survey, Real Diaper Association board members have made a few simple reusable items as prizes for you. At the heart of the motivation of those who volunteer for Real Diaper Association is an understanding that we reduce our environmental impact by choosing reusables, whether reusable diapers or other household products. It's easy to wash a load of laundry, and it's just as easy to toss towels and wash cloths in with your load of laundry. DIY is a common thread for a lot of RDA members. Many cloth diaper users sew, knit, crochet, build, and make their own simple, reusable stuff. If we can do it, so can you!

Winners Will Receive...

Top 2 Non-business Referrers

  • 1 Set of Face Cloths
  • 1 Set of Wash Cloths

Top 5 Business Referrers

  • General business results from survey plus a customized (anonymous) selection of data.

10 Random Entries

  • Drawn for 1 Set of DIY Reusable Gifts below

All winners will be announced next week, the first week of January 2013. If you didn't take the survey yet, you still have time to enter before we close the 2012 survey once and for all on December 31st.

Enter now!

You Could Win These Great Prizes
Organic cotton dinner napkins

Dinner Napkins

Sewn, cotton

Made by Marie DiCocco, RDA board member since 2005

Your beautiful family dinner table needs a beautifully hemmed set of dinner napkins. These napkins are made from one of the earliest prints from Harmony Arts, the light blue Whispering Grass. Set of 4 napkins.

Soft cotton face cloths

Face Cloths

Knit, cotton

Made by Angela Torres, RDA board member since 2012

When washing faces and baby bottoms, you need a super soft cloth like these. Adorable leaf-shaped cloths as well as square cloths, all big enough to cover your hand. Bright, bold colors. Four sets of 2 washcloths, one square and one leaf.

Crocheted cotton face scrubbies

Face Scrubber

Crochet, cotton

Made by Angela Imes, RDA Treasurer

These cotton face scrubber give you mild abrasion to clean delicate skin. White, green, and brown. Set of 2 scrubbies.

Snap-together kitchen towels

Kitchen Towels

Sewn, cotton

Made by Lori Taylor, RDA Founder

Replacing paper towels? These snap-together kitchen towels will fit a paper towel roll. Several different weights so you can choose which you need for your particular clean-up job. The prints and solids are all Harmony Arts organic cotton (Stumps & Stumps Speak), and the absorbent, loopy back is hemp/cotton French terry. Light blue, brown, and natural. Set of 5 towels.

T-shirt shopping bags

T-shirt Shopping Bags

Sewn, upcycled

Made by Heather Bradley, RDA Leader Liaison

What is even better than making new material into some useful, reusable thing? Upcycling old stuff past its usefulness into new stuff that becomes useful again. A few seams in old T-shirts and you have carry bags. These clever bags fold up inside their own front pockets for tidy storage. Three sets of 2 bags.

Crocheted cotton veggie carry bags

Veggie Bags

Crochet, cotton

Made by Angela Imes, RDA Treasurer

When you are buying vegetables and fruits, but you don't want to gather up more throwaway plastic bags, what do you put your food in? Small mesh bags are a perfect size for holding half a dozen oranges or a big head of cabbage. White, green, and brown. Set of 2 bags.

Knit cotton wash cloths

Wash Cloths

Knit, cotton

Made by Lori Taylor, RDA Founder

You know what really has the absorbent power to clean up that mess? No, not a super duper paper towel but a wash cloth. Rinse, dry, reuse. Easy! Black & white variegated cotton. Rough texture makes these plain, simple cloths great for tough clean-up jobs. Black & white. Set of 2 cloths.

You can still take the Great Cloth Diaper Survey and enter to win these DIY Reusable prizes until midnight December 31st .


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