Cloth Diaper Comeback

Cloth Diaper Comeback

Have you seen the latest issue (March 2008) of Mothering Magazine? It is an issue dedicated to cloth diapers with a headline on the front cover - CLOTH DIAPER COMEBACK.

"Cloth diapers are easier, cheaper, more convenient, and less wasteful than disposables. Find out why in 'Dumping Disposable Diapers' and 'The ABCs of Going Cloth,' two complementary articles in the March-April 2008 issue of Mothering magazine that outline how to make a smooth transition to cloth."

"Join Mothering at the Seattle Green Festival, April 12 & 13th. Visit our booth in the Kids Zone and learn about the practical aspects of cloth diapering from The Real Diaper Association. Subscribe to our print or digital edition at the festival and enter to win a Cloth Diaper Kit."

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