Big Changes at RDA

Big Changes at RDA

Important Message from the RDA Chair

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is with great sadness that the Real Diaper Association announces the resignation of our Executive Director, Heather McNamara, effective August 15, 2014. We deeply appreciate the tireless energy, time and passion Heather gave to the RDA, our members, volunteers and the mission of the organization. Her service to the RDA has been invaluable. The Real Diaper Association, our members, and our volunteers will continue to do great work in our cloth diapering communities and build on the legacy Heather leaves behind. We thank Heather’s family for allowing us to borrow her for this time, and we wish Heather much success in her future endeavors. Angela Torres Chair, Real Diaper Association

Message to Members from Heather McNamara

I would like to take the opportunity to let you know that I'm leaving my position as Executive Director of the Real Diaper Association. As my children get older, I'm realizing the need to expand my career and will be taking time to focus on new professional challenges. I'm incredibly proud of all we've done together, and grateful for the support of the Board, volunteers, and members of the RDA over the past five years. During that time, the organization has matured considerably, still centered on the strong foundation put in place by the founders and early directors. Our reputation and the continuing work of RDA volunteers, based in nonviolent communication and a focus on evidence-based solutions, keep us at the forefront of the cloth diaper movement. I am supremely confident that the Board of Directors will expertly guide the organization through the transition into the next phase of the organization. I have developed relationships with many of you and will miss working beside you in this movement, but will continue to follow your work and look forward to our continuing friendships. I wish you all the best. Heather McNamara

What to Expect During the Transition

As we transition to a new Executive Director, all Real Diaper Association projects promoting and advocating cloth diapers will continue.

  • Volunteers will still train to become Real Diaper Circle Leaders.
  • Preparation for this fall’s School of Cloth events continues.
  • Early planning for next spring’s Great Cloth Diaper Change continues.
  • We will soon launch a new, modern RDA website.

Our volunteer board members have stepped in until we train a new Executive Director. Have questions? Write to RDA board members.

Chair & any questions, Angela Torres angelat at realdiaperassociation dot org
General correspondence, Rachel Dove rachel at realdiaperassociation dot org
Donations & Membership, Angela Imes angela at realdiaperassociation dot org
Membership & Daycare directory, Heather Bradley heatherb at realdiaperassociation dot org
School of Cloth, Sara Moore sara at realdiaperassociation dot org
Volunteers, website, & School of Cloth, Janice Roodsari janice at realdiaperassociation dot org
Great Cloth Diaper Change, Michelle Dominguez michelle at realdiaperassociation dot org
Ask job search questions, Elizabeth Pilgrim liz at realdiaperassociation dot org
Submit a job application, Lori Taylor lori at realdiaperassociation dot org

Want to help today? Join RDA Volunteer Donate

Are YOU the New Voice of Cloth Diaper Advocacy?

RDA seeks qualified candidates for part-time Executive Director position.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Familiarity with cloth diapering issues and education.
  • Excellent communication, management, and organizational skills.
  • Nonprofit or other corporate management experience.

Working closely with Board of Directors, Executive Director will manage projects, oversee donor relations, coordinate volunteers, manage communications, raise funds, and write grants. 10 hours per week from your location. Salary range $12-$16/hr depending on experience. See full job description on RDA website. Submit resume and cover letter by August 10th to Lori Taylor, Vice-Chair, RDA at Please share this job announcement far and wide with anyone you think would be a great fit as the RDA Executive Director. See full job description.

Join Us in Las Vegas for a Celebration of RDA

Come meet RDA board members, celebrate our 10th anniversary, and talk to us about the future of cloth diaper advocacy. We will be in Las Vegas for RDIA Cloth Diaper Business Conference and the ABC Kids Expo. The event is free, but we welcome donations toward the charitable work that RDA does.

Date: Friday, September 5th, early evening Place: Las Vegas, Nevada

Register Now! to be sure that you get details of the time and place. Real Diaper Association is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, dedicated to cloth diaper education.

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