Behind the Scenes: Great Cloth Diaper Change, South Bend, IN

Behind the Scenes: Great Cloth Diaper Change, South Bend, IN

Do you have a Real Diaper Circle in your area? Are you thinking of starting one? Jen Starks, owner of Ecological Babies, did, and this week she talks about the GCDC and the importance of local cloth diaper advocacy.

This will be your second year hosting a GCDC event, what is different this time around?

The first year I had nightmares the week before the event because I was so worried about having the minimum number of participants to qualify for the Guinness World Record.  Luckily five minutes before the official start, our photographer pitched in and helped us make the record. This year I’m much more relaxed. I realized I don’t need to over think things and I’m having more fun. I’m also less concerned about exposure for my diaper business because I’m more established now. My primary goal this year is to spread the word about cloth diapers and this is how I’m gauging my success.


Real Diaper Circles and the GCDC are the primary means for carrying out the cloth diaper advocacy mission of the Real Diaper Association. How did you become interested in starting a Diaper Circle in your area?

I was moved to start a Diaper Circle after my first time hosting the GCDC last year. I had just relocated to South Bend, IN and I discovered there were not many good places in town for like minded people to connect and build community. The Diaper Circle helps to build camaraderie. Our meetings are low key, and held in the public library. As a circle leader, I also offer cloth diaper demonstrations at Memorial Regional Hospital of South Bend. My goal as a circle leader is to provide a much needed resource to parents who have never before seen or considered using cloth diapers.

How does your involvement as a Real Diaper Circle leader help you organize your GCDC event?

The Diaper Circle continues the conversation started with the GCDC and the monthly support groups keep participants connected throughout the year. I have been lucky because my work as a circle leader helped me to get valuable support from the hospital this year. After I became a circle leader, I began offering cloth diaper demonstrations during the hospital’s monthly open house events for expecting parents. I built a rapport with the Bradley child birth instructor and I taught nurses how to use cloth diapers. The response was overwhelmingly positive and I was offered an opportunity to hold the Southbend GCDC event in conjunction with a baby fair the hospital is sponsoring. This is a huge help to me. The hospital has an established media and promotions team that is handling all of my media outreach. Our presence at the baby fair provides a unique opportunity to broach the topic of cloth diapers during a mainstream event.

It sounds like you are going to have a very rewarding and successful event. What advice do you have to share with new GCDC hosts this year?

Enjoy the day!

-Michelle Dominguez

Event Coordinator, Real Diaper Association

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