Behind the Scenes: Great Cloth Diaper Change, Lawrenceville, KS.

Behind the Scenes: Great Cloth Diaper Change, Lawrenceville, KS.

As we wait for final ratification of the 2013 Guinness World Record, I spoke with one of our qualifying hosts, Megan Blair Bost about her GCDC event. Please read on as she shares her ideas for building community through the GCDC while hosting an inexpensive, low key event.

You hosted a Guinness qualifying event in a small town. Can you share with us how you successfully reached the minimum 25 participants?

This is my second year hosting a GCDC event. The first year I recruited a lot of friends, many of whom did not even use cloth diapers, to help us reach 25. This year, I didn’t recruit many friends since I knew we were going to make the minimum. I hung about 10 flyers around town, but the rest of our promotions came through community connections. We had 38 qualifying adult/baby pairs this year, only 8 of whom participated last year. The 30 new attendees heard about us through word of mouth. We have a strong Facebook community of local mommy groups. There was a lot of cross-posting about the event between different groups and our own GCDC page.

How does the GCDC event help cloth diapering families build community and connect with non-cloth users?

There’s a big group of families that use cloth in our town but we don’t have formal meetings or a diaper circle in our area. This is our only opportunity to get together, socialize, and talk about our shared passion for cloth diapers. I organize the event like a play date with a bunch of people doing the same thing as you, qualifying for the Guinness World Record is an added boost. After our event this year, we did an informal poll of our participants. We asked them whether swag bags and extras were motivating factors for their participation or not. A surprising 85% said they were mostly there to talk to cloth diapering parents and share their passion for cloth diapers with others.

I am happy to hear such positive responses from your participants. How did you boost excitement for your event without freebies and vendor booths?

You do not need a big budget, and a lot of extra stuff like swag bags and freebies to hold a successful GCDC event. The best advice I have is to get people involved. Our event feels special because our participants are invested in the process. They helped with the planning, found door prizes and had family members that were official witnesses.

With all this community involvement, were you able to host the event without a big financial investment?

I put some of my own money up, but we did prepay shirt orders and sold tote bags to recoup costs. We also had several families donate to help with costs so we almost broke even. Snacks were donated by my mom this year. I encourage Hosts to use the manufacturer offers. It’s a great way to get free stuff, especially if there is not a brick and mortar store in your area. If you can find a free space to host the event, that is a big money saver. I think the monetary involvement can seem overwhelming for independent hosts but there are ways to make it work.

-Michelle Dominguez

Event Coordinator, Real Diaper Association

For more information on the Great Cloth Diaper Change, visit our website at

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