Behind the Scenes: Great Cloth Diaper Change Campbell, CA

Behind the Scenes: Great Cloth Diaper Change Campbell, CA

The GCDC is tomorrow! This week I spoke with the person behind the big idea, Judy Aagard, of Tiny Tots. Judy has been an advocate of natural fiber diapers since 1966 and she shared her thoughts on the bigger picture for Hosts in the final stages of planning for the big day.

Can you give us some background of how the GCDC was started?

I thought of the idea for the Great Cloth Diaper Change originally as a fun activity for our customers. At first I wasn’t even thinking beyond Tiny Tots. After I registered to do the event with Guinness, it dawned on me that the GCDC could be so much bigger than our location. I reached out to nine other people in the cloth diaper movement, and asked if they wanted to help me. Everyone did and we formed the 2011 organizing committee. After the first successful year, it became obvious that an organization like the Real Diaper Association (RDA) would need to take over the event if we wanted it to continue. RDA was the perfect fit for the GCDC.

I love how such a simple idea has grown into an international event. Your original idea has blossomed into so much more. With all the success, I’m curious why you chose to hold a non-qualifying event this year.

I decided to hold a non-record breaking event this year because I thought it might afford more opportunity to have a broader reach for cloth diaper advocacy. There are so many limitations on events that wish to qualify for The Guinness World Record. We thought we’d try holding an event without a lot of rules and regulations this year. I understand that the rules are necessary to set the World Record but it’s nice to be able to give our participants so much more flexibility this year.

What has the response been like from your participants regarding the different event this year?

Some of our returning participants have questioned why we are not attempting to break the World Record this year. I let them know of the many things we can do since we’re not participating in the Guinness attempt. We can allow more diaper options for participants, and we’re flexible on the time. People will be able to change their baby at any time during the hours of our event. We’re holding a low key event. We’ll have different experts on hand to help participants with questions regarding cloth diaper usage, home laundering, managing cloth as working parents, daycare, and other natural parenting topics. We’ll have plenty of supplies on hand to provide participants with diapers if they need and we’re hoping to reach families that are not using cloth diapers yet.

So by holding a non-qualifying event, you are able to focus entirely on outreach and community building?

Yes! Participating in the GCDC may not be the one thing that causes someone to switch to cloth but everything we do builds momentum. Even in the planning process, we reach a lot of people and show that cloth is a viable option. This year we’re focusing entirely on the goal of cloth diaper advocacy. Every little touch counts!

-Michelle Dominguez

Event Coordinator, Real Diaper Association

For more information on the Great Cloth Diaper Change, visit our website at

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