Behind the scenes: Great Cloth Diaper Change Albuquerque

Behind the scenes: Great Cloth Diaper Change Albuquerque

As planning for the 2013 Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) kicks into high gear, we’re interviewing hosts about their events, their challenges and their successes. This week we focus on Melissa Frank, owner of Lovely Pockets Diapers and third time host of the GCDC.

How has the task of hosting a GCDC event changed for you over the years? The first year was very intimidating, I had no experience hosting an event and it took a lot of time. I used a local park for the first venue, we had 23 participants and it worked out just fine. When it was clear we weren’t going to make the required 25 participants for Guinness, we began asking people at the playground if they would come change their babies with us. We convinced a few to participate and let them use some extra diapers we had. Although we still didn’t make our goal, we did connect participants and spread the word about cloth diapers. With each year, the event grows. Many of our participants have learned about us through word of mouth. Even without media exposure, word of mouth advertising has been really beneficial. This year we are expecting between 75 and 100 participants. We’ve added vendors and are turning it into a community baby expo event.

With the growth of your event, you’ve decided to co-host this year. How did you find your co-host? My co-host is Dallas Vigil who owns Little Love Buns, a local detergent manufacturer. My co-host is actually my husband’s cousin! When we learned we were in the same industry, we began sharing cloth diaper information and collaborating.

What advice would you give for new GCDC co-hosts? The number one thing is communication. When you start planning your event, sit down and talk with your co-host about what you each want the event to look like. Share what you are most passionate about and ask them specifically what they want to do. Then you can delegate tasks together. I find the hardest part is delegation. I can be very controlling because I like to know everything is being done perfectly. It’s important to remember that most adults are very capable, and your co-host is probably just as passionate as you are about cloth diapers.

The growth of your event is impressive. How did you find vendors for this year? I like to shop on Etsy and Hyena cart. One day I noticed I could search locally, so I did a search for cloth diapers in the area. I jotted down those companies and asked if they wanted to participate. We will have ten vendor tables with baby massage, yoga, a cloth information station, and local WAHM’s retail businesses.

Is there any other advice you have for new GCDC hosts? Utilize all the resources provided and don’t be afraid to ask for help from other hosts. Everyone is friendly, don’t be intimidated, there are always people willing to help.

- Michelle Dominguez

Event Coordinator, Real Diaper Association

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