Beach Babies Love the Earth!

Beach Babies Love the Earth!

The new San Diego Real Diaper Circle hosted a hugely successful booth at the San Diego EarthFair 2008 on April 20th. We had a beautiful day and the fair was very well attended. Our prime location in the Children’s Area drew a lot of visitors to our booth. Photobucket

Over the course of the day, ten volunteers (and several experienced visitors) spoke with hundreds of potential cloth-diaperers, answering questions, showing off a wide variety of diapers, and demonstrating various aspects of cloth diaper use and care. Thanks to the generous donations of several local suppliers, we were even able to change a number of babies out of disposables and put them in cloth on the spot! We supplied visitors with general information about cloth diapering (provided by the Real Diaper Association), a copy of the Cloth Diaper Comeback issue of Mothering Magazine, coupons from local retailers, and a San Diego-specific Local Resources Guide.

- Heather McNamara, San Diego Real Diaper Circle Leader,

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