August 14 - A Big Day for the Cloth Diaper Industry

August 14 - A Big Day for the Cloth Diaper Industry

The cloth diaper industry -- and all industries that make, sell, and distribute products for children 12 and under –- is coming up to a deadline August 14, 2009, that could change the cloth diaper landscape considerably. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements change the way all children’s product manufacturers and retailers do business.

As of August 14, all products are required to have labels that track materials and details of production. The statute also requires third-party testing for lead by that date. Though the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a stay of enforcement until February 2010, some state Attorneys General, those empowered to enforce the law, have said they will follow the date on the statute itself and begin enforcement in August.

August 14th will be a big day for the cloth diaper industry.

Lori Taylor President, Real Diaper Association


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I predict wool and fleece diaper covers will become more prominent and PUL will be limited to inner layers, and that we may see some diaper covers sold with a diaper so that only one of the two has to bear the tracking label (things sold as a set, that can't be used without each other and aren't sold separately, don't have to both be labeled).

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