In appreciation of Marshall Rosenberg

In appreciation of Marshall Rosenberg

This week the Center for Nonviolent Communication shared that Marshall Rosenberg, American Psychologist and creator of Nonviolent Communication, died on February 7th, 2015 at home with his wife and children at his side. If you are not an RDA volunteer, then you might wonder what this has to do with cloth diapers....

RDA Founder, Lori Taylor, sums it up nicely:

"By creating a system for learning nonviolent communication and by being an ambassador for compassion, Marshall Rosenberg helped many of us to slow down and look at the real needs underlying our communications. Real Diaper Association has required our volunteers to learn nonviolent communication from our founding 11 years ago because we want those who represent our organization to hear what parents really need rather than getting caught up on the surface of what they say. We mourn his passing and celebrate his work."

Current RDA Chair, Angela Torres adds:

"Marshall Rosenberg's vision has been the cornerstone of RDA since it's inception helping us to become the longstanding support organization our founders intended. As we enter our second decade, we will continue to use the tenants of NVC to reach through every situation to meet the individual needs of every family, virtually and face to face, listening deeply and acting with kindness."

RDA Board member, Angela Imes adds:

"I would just want to express my gratitude to a man whose words and ideas have helped me through many of life's difficult moments."

I wrote a post last June to help people understand how Nonviolent Communication is such an integral tool to the RDA, entitled "What makes the Real Diaper Association special?" I believe the quote pictured above grasps one of the most important aspects of how we use NVC. We are educating to increase well-being and we want that education to be done by helping to meet a family's needs. Relaying that education without coercion is of utmost importance to us because we value person to person connection. Our NVC training, however, reaches far beyond our RDA communications. In my experience, it has improved every relationship in my life.

Thank you Marshall. May you rest in peace. Your work will continue to bring peace and compassion to everyone that uses it!

- With Love and Compassion,

Janice Roodsari

RDA Board Member and Real Diaper Circle Leader

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