8 Hours Talking Cloth

8 Hours Talking Cloth

DFWexpo-pic1This weekend I had my first opportunity to represent RDA at a community event. From 10am to 5pm at the DFW Family Expo in Dallas, Texas I had a chance to talk to parents, parent-to-be, grandparents, and more about their diapering choices. At first I was a little nervous that I wouldn't know what to say or that people would have questions I couldn't answer. But I quickly got into a groove, engaging not only those parents who make a point to stop but just asking those who walked by "Have you ever considered cloth diapers".  To this questions I received the entire range of responses but the most fulfilling were those who said they "couldn't" or "wouldn't" do that.  To these parents I simply said "May I ask way..." An opening that in many case allowed me to show them different diaper styles and direct them to our local diaper services to address their concerns. Or to dispel misconceptions about wet pails and diaper dunking. One of my favorites was a grandmother-to-be who confessed she was giving her daughter a hard time about plans to use cloth and said then new baby would have to be in disposables for her to babysit. After showing her an all-in-one diaper she quickly proclaimed "Oh, I can do that..." I also found that having my5 month old (who refuses milk from any source but mommy) turned out to be more help than hindrance. People love to stop to talk when your holding a cute baby and I was able to show off her fluffy butt. Including to one parent who asked regarding a Snappi, "you don't really use these do you?" and I was able to slip open her cover and show off the Snappi in action.

All in all, it was a long and tiring day but I was surprised at how much fun I had. No one would describe me as an extrovert but I enjoyed the chance to talk with so many people about something I believe in so passionately. Now I can't wait to do another one.

Angela Imes

Plano Area Real Diaper Circle Leader



Congratulations! Sounds fantastic! The event thing is addictive. After all that work, you'd think you would have no interest in doing it again anytime soon, but I always get such a high from all those connections! Looking forward to the San Diego EarthFair in April...

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