2014 School of Cloth Sponsor Highlight: Change-Diapers

2014 School of Cloth Sponsor Highlight: Change-Diapers

Recently, we had an opportunity to interview Maria Moser from Change-Diapers from Middletown, Maryland.  Maria is a business member of the Real Diaper Association and donated $500 in cloth diaper products to the 2014 School of Cloth event, much of which will be donated to charities who distribute cloth diapers to low-income families.

Maria Moser of Change-DiapersHow important a task is cloth diaper education to your business?

Absolutely essential!  Families will give up if they don’t have all the information.

How frequently do you teach cloth diapering classes in your community? What types of classes do you teach?

Since we fortunately have a cloth diaper retailer not far away, I offer classes when asked at local birth & baby fairs (2x or so per year.)

Do you have a favorite memory about a class or family that you taught?

I loved at the Hagerstown B&B fair this year hearing a mom (attending with her expectant daughter) talking about the diapers she used and her amazement at today’s!

What’s your favorite piece of advice to give NEW parents about cloth diapering?

Don’t stress!!  It will all work out.  Washing isn’t as hard as you think.

Maria  started Change-Diapers 5 years ago as she was making her own switch to cloth.  She has been cloth diapering constantly since and has cloth diapers 2 full time at once, and still uses cloth on her 5-year old at night. She has used nearly 200 different brands/styles and has muddled through all the good & bad advice to find a great routine for herself.


You can find more information about Change-Diapers at the following links:


What is School of Cloth?

School of Cloth is a month full of FREE cloth diaper classes provided by participating Real Diaper Circles and Real Diaper Association businesses all across the nation.  Participants are eligible for a chance to win a cloth diaper prize package and winners will be able to select which charities a larger prize package will be donated to. To find your local host, please review the School of Cloth main page.

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