2014 School of Cloth Sponsor Highlight: Boingo Baby

2014 School of Cloth Sponsor Highlight: Boingo Baby

Recently, we had an opportunity to interview Stacee Magee, mother of 7 wonderful children, creator of Boingo Baby from Mesa, Arizona.  As a mom who has cloth diapered for over 17 years with prefolds and pins, the Boingo design had been brewing in the back of her mind for a long time. Now her dream has finally come true and we are excited to offer you our Boingo family of products including Boingo cloth diaper fasteners and EcoMax diapers and prefolds.  Stacee is a sponsor and donated $500 in cloth diaper products to the 2014 School of Cloth event, much of which will be donated to charities who distribute cloth diapers to low-income families.

How important a task is cloth diaper education to your business?

With environmentally conscious consumers and the devastating effects of global warming rampaging our planet, parents are looking to save money with eco-friendly options. With a market share that is nearly doubling every year, it seems that more and more parents are switching to cloth diapers. In most cases those parents cant ask their parents for advice on cloth becasue their parents most likely used disposable. Education bridges that gap and teaches a new generation about the benefits of cloth diapers. It is the reason why Boingo started out Cloth Revolution Campaign.

How frequently do you teach cloth diapering classes in your community? What types of classes do you teach?

We are working with our local WIC offices to start a teaching campaign.

What’s your favorite piece of advice to give NEW parents about cloth diapering?

Don’t get frustrated by all the options. Start simple, prefolds, covers, and Boingos are an inexpensive way to get started. From there you can try out and add new diapers to your stash!

Boingo Baby’s™ diaper, the EcoMax©, is a patented one size fits all diaper made from recycled water bottles and gives parents the option of choosing cloth or a bio-degradable disposable inserts. Often eco-friendly products sacrifice convenience for sake of being planet friendly. Our patented adjustable elastic makes sizing simple and easy! When eco-friendly and convenience are combined in one fabulous product, it becomes a must have product for smart parents everywhere.

We are moving to be a completely zero waste company and will be totally solar powered by the end of the year!

You can find more information about Boingo Baby at the following links:


What is School of Cloth?


School of Cloth is a month full of FREE cloth diaper classes provided by participating Real Diaper Circles and Real Diaper Association businesses all across the nation.  Participants are eligible for a chance to win a cloth diaper prize package and winners will be able to select which charities a larger prize package will be donated to. To find your local host, please review the School of Cloth main page.

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