2013 Great Cloth Diaper Change Hosts

2013 Great Cloth Diaper Change Hosts

UPDATE 3/12/13: The map is now available and should be used to find local events: 

With the Great Cloth Diaper Change map not yet available, we wanted to provide people with at least a list of the hosts registered to hold local events on 4/20/13. This list is sorted by the home country, state, and city of the host, which might be slightly different than the city of their event. However, this will provide at least an approximation until hosts can put their information onto the overall event map. Please go to the website listed and inquire there for more information about your local event. Thank you so much for participating!! It's only with YOUR baby's bottom that we can break the world record!!

Gratefully, Heather McNamara

Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

2013 Great Cloth Diaper Change Organizing Committee



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  • Feb 28, 2013
If downtown Atlanta gets added, please let us know! Seems like they had a great event last year, but I didn't have any little tushies to diaper! I do this year and SO want to participate!!
I don't see any from Atlanta yet - only Fort Benning, Columbus, and Savannah. Have you contacted the previous hosts? Perhaps with some encouragement, they'll host another event...
Lauren - people have been asking about downtown Atlanta events!! If you click on the .pdf linked in the blog post here: http://realdiaperevents.org/archives/2013-great-cloth-diaper-change-plan... then you’ll see a link within that .pdf that allows you to register to host on EventBrite. We want all prospective hosts to read the information before registering, which is why we don’t give the registration link directly. Thank you!! - HRM
Christina, I don't see them registered yet as an official host. Are you sure they're hosting? If so, they should contact me if there's some problem with registration... Thanks!! - HRM

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