Cloth Diaper Co-op Report

Real Impacts of Cloth Diaper Co-ops

Cloth Diaper Co-op Report

Over the past year, cloth diaper co-ops have become increasingly common as consumers search for cheap diapers. The Real Diaper Association (RDA) has been approached by a number of stakeholders about our position on cloth diaper co-ops and their impact on the cloth diaper movement. As we delved into the details, we realized that a simple "for" or "against" position would be inadequate to address the needs of our diverse audience. Additionally, co-ops themselves exist in a wide variety of formats, some of which appear to be more problematic than others.

In this cloth diaper co-op report, you can read all the details about the legality, legitimacy, ethics, and sustainability of cloth diaper co-ops. 

Based on our findings, we've also created tips and recommendations for RDA Circle Leaders, diaper co-op participants, and cloth diaper store owners, which you can find below.

Stop participating in illegal and illegitimate cloth diaper co-ops!


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Are you on a budget and looking to save money using cloth diapers? It's easy! See our affordable cloth diapers recommendations and share them with anyone you know in need.

If, after reading the report, you choose to participate in legal, legitimate cloth diaper co-ops, you can protect yourself using these diaper co-op tips. Cheap cloth diapers do not have to be illegal.

Are you a retailer of cloth diapers? Here are some ideas for protecting your business from the impact of diaper co-ops.