Real Diaper Association Campaign Hub

Real Diaper Association Campaign Hub

Since our founding in 2004, the Real Diaper Association has managed a number of campaigns to advance our mission.

I Support 100% Reusable Cloth DiapersReduce Waste: Choose 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers included efforts to collect information from experts (cloth diapering parents, laundry scientists, etc) from which we created shareable tipsheets to help parents use 100% reusable cloth diapers in whichever situation they chose.

Your Grandmother Should Know Cloth Diapers - Grandmother and mother hold cloth diapered baby together.Your Grandmother Should Know is on oral history project where we collect interviews from our grandmothers on the long history of cloth diapering.

The "Why Choose Cloth Diapers?" (WCCD) Advocacy Plan is for educating children on how the 3 R’s (renewable, reusable, and recyclable) relate to the cloth –v- disposable diapering discussion, perfect for homeschooling groups or guest teaching sessions in your child's classroom.

Ask Me About Cloth DiapersAsk Me About Cloth Diapers was created to equip YOU, the EXPERT, with the resources, tips, and tools to educate your local community towards the use of cloth diapers..