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The following picture and description is follow up from a Real Diaper Circle Meeting in Washington state. Maya Keithly, Accredited Real Diaper Circle Leader and RDA Board Member, led this meeting.

Maya Comments: "Well, this meeting was one of the best yet - new parents who don't even own cloth diapers came on down.

They tried a bunch on, and got feedback from the 5 mamas who advocated like wild.

I actually like the boring table shot, because it is true to the 'look' of our diaper circle ~ cookies, toddlers, slings, nursing, & piles of diapers.

Liane, our EC mama was helping the new family with Snappis & a prefold. We also spoke of reactions to certain fabrics and laundry soaps, and we saw EC in action!"

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advocacy SHOUT OUT!

From time to time we get requests from organizations in need of diapers, testimonials, images of babies in CLOTH diapers, and other needs that directly relate to the RDA Mission.

This is the place where we'll shout it out to you, our community of cloth diapering advocates. Please check here for ways you can help other organizations, local communities, and/or fellow members in their work to make cloth diapering accessible and acceptable to U.S. parents.

Children of the Promise

Hello. My name is Katie Smith and I am part of a resource group for Children of the Promise (COTP) orphange in Haiti. Because of the non-existent waste system in Haiti, COTP uses cloth diapers. With 62 children in their care, ranging from newborn to 5 years old, you can imagine how many diapers they go through! And of course this is an ongoing and never-ending need for them. The sizes we need are mostly medium, large and x-large.

I am currently looking into ways to refurnish their diaper and cover supply in a more cost effective way.

If you would like to learn more about the ministry and work of COTP, please visit their website at

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Katie Smith


cloth diapering in the news

Cloth diapering has never been a thing of the past - it is NOW and it is the FUTURE. Cloth diapers are all over the news and here is where you can post your most recent finds. As you do, we'll grab them and put them on our Cloth Diapering in the News page over at Real Diaper Association as well as consider them for the e-newsletter. So post YOUR cloth diapering in the news links here!

Frugal Baby Care
Common Sense Care for your Baby
From Pat Veretto
Your Guide to Frugal Living.
"It's not necessary to sew your own diapers, but it is necessary to use cloth diapers unless you have more money than you know what to do with. Do the math, as they say. A dozen cloth diapers cost around twelve to fifteen dollars and they last until the baby is potty trained. So what if it takes four dozen or more? How many times could you reuse a disposable diaper?"


cloth diaper testimonials

Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to the question,"Why did you choose cloth?"

Follow the above link to literally pages upon pages of testimonials. And? If you didn't post your testimonial there upon sign-up, do it now. Log in to your membership area and update your files. Then, come on back here and post it on the blog as well! Let us know why you chose cloth THEN and why you are choosing cloth now! Cloth diaper testimonials are collected and may be used monthly in the E-Newsletter, as well as in the printed Quarterly!

Here are a few testimonials from our newest members.

Business Member, Christy Perce wrote:
"I began cloth diapering because I wanted the best for my children and the environment. We were on a tight budget and I was tired of throwing away money and diapers, it seemed like the obvious choice. It didn't take long before I was hooked. Also, once I started cloth diapering and realized the chemicals that are in disposables, I was so glad I made this healthier choice for my children."

Individual Member, Melanie Vonfange wrote:
"Because it is better for the enviroment, my pocket book and my baby!"



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