No gel allowed on planes

I was wondering, while reading the news about restricted or completely disallowed carry-on luggage on airplanes, whether mothers are being allowed to carry diapers. Can you imagine a 10-hour flight with your baby without diapers and amusing toys? I have made the trip many times with my children starting when they were a few months old. I needed that bag of tricks with me.

Following the logical crumbs of this issue, I also wondered about gel. Gel bras and gel shoe inserts have been banned from plane travel. Does this mean no gel diapers?

If you have experience with diapers on planes in the past couple of weeks, tell me how it went. Did you see any gel diapers confiscated as potentially dangerous?

RDA & Mothering Magazine at Green Festival, Washington, D.C.

Are you going to the Green Festival in Washington, DC this October? Look for RDA there. With Mothering Magazine, we are creating a diaper changing and nursing area for parents. Along with cloth diaper vendors, including RDA business member Karen Amidon of Green Mountain Diapers, we will hold hands-on demonstrations for festival attendees.

Are you looking for a bigger audience? Would you like to target green buyers? Send a sample of your product for display in the Real Diaper Association diaper changing area at the Green Festival in Washington, DC, October 14-15. Include cloth diapers, covers, or other diapering accessories. There is no limit to the number of samples accepted. If you include business cards with the samples, we will attach these to the item so festival goers can take a card when they like what they see and feel. You are welcome to include other information also, such as a brochure or catalogue. All samples will be kept by RDA and circulated among Real Diaper Circles as a trunk show. This publicity gift will keep on giving. For more information, please contact or send products and literature to RDA Board member Marie DiCocco at PO Box 31281, Alexandria, Virginia 22310. Submissions from RDA business members only.

Your Grandmother Should Know: An Oral History of Cloth Diapers

Your Grandmother Should Know logoHave you read about Real Diaper Association's annual educational campaign yet? This year, we have launched an oral history project to collect stories about cloth diapers from the grandmothers and other friends and neighbors of RDA members: Your Grandmother Should Know.

A lot of us are part of the online community that talks about diapers online--A LOT. If you know about Real Diaper Circles, you know we RDA organizers like to encourage people to talk about cloth diapers face to face. We think that there is plenty to learn about cloth diapers beyond our virtual world. We think it might help us to find cloth diaper solutions by asking those who came long before email lists and forums. We think your grandmother should know cloth diapers, and we want to know, too.

You are the collector and interviewer for this oral history. The Project Manager (me! Lori from the RDA Board) has compiled detailed Project Guidelines to walk you through every step. We tell you how it works, then you make your own plan and do interviews. You can also use the interview to generate local publicity for your Real Diaper Circle or for cloth diapers generally. This is year one. Then, RDA will compile all interviews into a collection and begin to use what we learn for publications and educational materials. This is year two.

You can download the Project Guidelines as a pdf or (for RDA members) we will send you a bound copy. If you want extra printed copies, you can buy them at our advocacy gear store. I added a Your Grandmother Should Know mini button there, too.

If you have questions about the project, want a copy of the Project Guidelines, or you just want general encouragement that you can do it (you definitely can), contact Lori at

Cloth Diapering Workshops - Phoenix, Arizona

Monthly cloth diapering workshops are now available to Phoenix metro-area residents! Mothers' Milk Boutique in Scottsdale, Arizona, has generously offered us use of their facility for a monthly workshop to offer information and education to anyone interested in cloth diapering their new baby or transitioning to cloth with an older baby or toddler. For more information and to register for the next class, please visit Wildflower Diapers or contact

cloth diapering in a day care setting

Hello! I'm the owner of Buzzie Bee Diapers, a small scale diaper service on the coast of Maine.( This week, two of my customers have expressed interest in continuing cloth diapers when their children start daycare this summer. I've spoken with one of the daycare directors and have realized the issue is not that they are against cloth diapers but that they don't know how to handle the soiled diapers. With disposables, they just all go in the same bin. Any tips on how a center might separate and store soiled cloth diapers. One center in particular has 6 babies in cloth at home but not at the center. They want to offer cloth as an option but only if they can figure out a space conscious way to store the soiled diapers until pick up. Thanks for any advice!

Local Real Diaper Circle 'Puts On Airs'

On June 7, 2006 the local Real Diaper Circle of RDA in Everett, Washington had it's first Public Service Announcement air on KSER 90.7FM.

It aired during a mid-day time slot and garnered local response by phone as well as email. This PSA will continue to be heard on a weekly basis by local listeners as well as over the live internet stream worldwide.

Special shout-out to Accredited Real Diaper Circle Leader, Maya Keithly! Her Advocacy Focus is:
Helping families choose a system that works best for them with resources & tools for successful cloth-diapering. Spreading the word through local businesses, festivals and public service how cloth diapering is best for all of us, especially baby. Specializing in the explanation of local wastewater treatment and true statistics on the impact of cloth vs. disposable.

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real diaper advertising

Advertising at the Real Diaper Association Advertising on the Real Diaper Association website will be valuable to those businesses who would like to take advantage of RDA search engine ranking and access to a vital advertising market. As an added benefit, business members will receive a discount of 50% off advertising costs. Beyond the business benefits, advertisers will know that they are putting more babies in cloth diapers through local communities working to spread awareness and use of cloth diapers. RDA is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers, and volunteers will continue to give of their time to manage this program. All money generated by advertising, minus PayPal's fees, will be used to fund RDA's mission of putting more babies in cloth diapers.

Q: Will funds spent on advertising be tax deductible?

A: No. Real Diaper Association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, but money spent on advertising is not considered a donation because the advertising on the website is a service rendered by RDA. Two banner placements will be available: 468x60 at the top and 120x60 at the side of both the Real Diaper Association and sites. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any advertising.










Real Diaper Events is the portal for Real Diaper Association members to post cloth diapering related events happening in their local communities. All posts are read by a moderator, checked against our database of members, and then released within 48 hours.

Are you holding a Real Diaper Event?
Tell RDA members about it!

What events can be listed?

  • Real Diaper Circle meetings
  • Local cloth diapering class
  • Farmer’s market with a cloth diaper vendor
  • Baby fair or LLLI conference with a cloth diaper vendor
  • Earth Day event with cloth diaper information
  • Interview on radio or television about cloth diapers

Don't have an event? Post with a Purpose!

  • Share YOUR cloth diapering testimonials.
  • Inform members of cloth diapering in the news!
  • Excited about your local advocacy? SHOUT IT OUT to the community!
  • Nominate members for the RDA REAL DIAPER GIVEAWAY!
  • Want to meet other cloth diapering advocates - tell us who you are - where you live.
  • Advocacy Tips? Put them here!
We look forward to hearing from our membership! Not a member of RDA? Not a problem! Join RDA as an individual or a business member and take part in our REAL DIAPER EVENTS blog!

real diaper giveaway - get involved!

Real Diaper Association is sponsoring an ongoing Real Diaper Giveaway. The program has several steps:

  1. Advertising on the RDA website and blog, which will fund the program.
  2. Nomination of families and organizations who need cloth diapers.
  3. Selection from the nominations for the Real Diaper Giveaway by member vote.
  4. Giveaway to nominees of cloth diapering supplies bought from RDA business members


Real Diaper Giveaway Details!

Click on the following text links for program details.

  • What will the program accomplish?
  • How much of the money goes to give away diapers?
  • What sort of advertising will be available and how much will it cost?
  • Will funds spent on advertising be tax deductible?
  • Who can make nominations?
  • What does RDA need to know about those nominated?
  • What kind of supplies will be given away?
  • How will Giveaway recipients be chosen?
  • How will diapers be distributed?
  • What if I would rather make a direct donation to give away diapers?


The Real Diaper Giveaway spreads more cloth diapers to more babies who need them, and the process of nomination and give away encourages Real Diaper Circles as well as business and individual RDA members to seek local publicity for cloth diapers through stories of their charitable giving. This is a great project for Circle members as they build their local foundation.


Click here for more information on the REAL DIAPER GIVEAWAY!

(Update: This program is no longer active.)