New San Diego Real Diaper Circle!

San Diego’s vibrant community of cloth diaperers are forming a new local Real Diaper Circle. Our first event was a hugely successful booth at the San Diego EarthFair 2008. We have formed an online community, and have a schedule of upcoming meetings throughout San Diego County where experienced cloth-diaperers can share their knowledge with each other as well as with new or potential cloth users.

- Heather McNamara, San Diego Real Diaper Circle Leader

Diaper Circle Meetings Begin in San Diego!

Following a hugely successful presence at the San Diego Earth Fair 2008, the new San Diego Real Diaper Circle kicks off meetings this week. The first meeting will be held at Java Mama on Thursday, 5/1, at 9am . Java Mama is a child-friendly café with a specially-designed play area, located at 8250 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA 91941. In addition to the upcoming central San Diego meetings at Java Mama, regular meetings will also be held in North County. The varied schedule (constructed to accommodate as much participation as possible) can be found at, or by joining our Circle at

Cloth Diaper Comeback

Have you seen the latest issue (March 2008) of Mothering Magazine? It is an issue dedicated to cloth diapers with a headline on the front cover - CLOTH DIAPER COMEBACK.

"Cloth diapers are easier, cheaper, more convenient, and less wasteful than disposables. Find out why in 'Dumping Disposable Diapers' and 'The ABCs of Going Cloth,' two complementary articles in the March-April 2008 issue of Mothering magazine that outline how to make a smooth transition to cloth."

"Join Mothering at the Seattle Green Festival, April 12 & 13th. Visit our booth in the Kids Zone and learn about the practical aspects of cloth diapering from The Real Diaper Association. Subscribe to our print or digital edition at the festival and enter to win a Cloth Diaper Kit."

Support RDA with your shopping!

Introducing Giveline as a Revolutionary Way to support the Real Diaper Association! is an online store created for the community-minded shopper, offering more than a million bestselling products including books, movies, music, electronics, housewares, gifts and more. Every purchase generates a substantial donation to Real Diaper Association - an amazing average of 16% of store sales, sometimes as high as 33%. Giveline has great products, great service, and great prices - the only difference between Giveline and other major online retailers is that every purchase earns money for our organization. Check it out today, and if you decide to buy, remember that Real Diaper Association will earn significant funds in support of our mission!

mid-coast maine real diaper circle gets started

Area parents are invited to join us at the first Real Diaper Circle in mid-coast maine on Friday March 16 at the Damariscotta Public Library, 9:30-10:30 am. Children are welcome. We will discuss and demonstrate the types of cloth diapers as well as the advantages to using cloth diapers. As this is our first meeting, we will listen the direction our members would like the Circle to take. Our second meeting will be April 13 at the Rockland Bookland's Community Room, 9:30-10:30 am. For more information, contact Christy at Maine Cloth Diaper Co or Jennifer at Buzzie Bee Diapers.

Cloth Diapers in Daycare Centers - An RDA Survey

The Real Diaper Association is interested in learning more about the use of cloth diapers in daycare centers. Real Diaper Circle Leader Ann Maclean is collecting data to make the case for cloth diapers in daycare, and we need your help. Please take just a few minutes to let us know your experiences, so we can encourage more daycare centers across the USA to accept cloth diapers.

Based on the information collected, we will create an action plan. RDA Board member Angelique Mullen is a survey and data analyst. She will be aggregating survey results for Ann. The results of their research, along with the proposed plan, will first be shared with those who participated in the survey. No one's personal information will be shared, and only Ann and Angelique will have access to the raw data. Together we can make a positive and permanent change!

Please spend 5 minutes to take a cloth diapers in daycare survey now on the RDA website. If you have questions, please contact Ann Maclean. You don’t have to be a member of Real Diaper Association to participate. Feel free to share the survey with others.

(edit: Links removed. This survey has been completed.)

Tips for changing a squirmy baby

When you attempt to change the diaper of a squirmy older baby, there are three things you need to keep in mind.

1) Be calm. Getting frustrated and worked up doesn't make it easier.

2) Have plenty of toys handy. Make sure these are toys that the baby doesn't see or play with very much. You don't need to have traditional toys, either. Many things can be toys. Lately, our son has found interest in a clean, empty makeup compact, a tennis ball, a set of keys, a bath toy, one of his sister's plastic animals, and a tube of diaper cream.

3) Use prefolds with caution. Sometimes, getting a prefold on a squirmy baby seems impossible, especially if you are trying to use a Snappi clip or, god forbid, diaper pins. In these circumstances, a good fitted or pocket diaper works wonders. I can sometimes get these on him while he is standing.

4) Sing songs that engage the baby. Right now, our son likes "If You are Happy and You Know it", " "Wheels on the Bus", and "De Colores".

5) Maintain your sense of humor. Even though it can be frustrating, it is also pretty cute when a naked baby tries to escape during the diaper change, especially if he is laughing.

Buzzie Bee Diapers sends baby items to newborns in Haiti

Buzzie Bee Diapers sends much needed baby items to newborns in Haiti: Donation to support Doctors Without Borders hospital in Port au Prince.

Maine cloth diaper service Buzzie Bee Diapers ( announces a clothing drive to benefit babies born at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Haiti.

Haiti has the highest level of maternal mortality in the Americas, with 523 deaths per 100,000 births. Doctors Without Borders (also known as MSF, Medecins Sans Frontieres) established a 60-bed Jude Anne Hospital in 2006 to assist women living in the most violent parts of Haiti’s capital city, who have difficulty accessing appropriate care, in part, because of poverty and violence. Medical care is provided for women with pregnancies presenting dangers to the mother and child, as well as treatment to help prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Emergency obstetric care services are available around the clock.

Buzzie Bee Diapers is collecting new and gently used cloth diapers, newborn onesies, socks, and hats to be sent with a family friend down to Haiti this month. A second donation will be made in April. Initially the request for donated items was made to the diaper service’s current customers. Word spread and several boxes of baby clothes have already been collected. A group of neighbors in Bremen is even knitting newborn hats, using patterns from the book Knitting for Peace. “We’re delighted at the response from our customers and want to open the collection up to the greater community,” says Buzzie Bee owner, Jennifer Temple. “My family has been sending items to Haitian women and babies in well over ten years now. Everything has always been well received and much appreciated.”

For additional information or to make a donation, contact Jennifer Temple at 207-542-0505 or Pick up is available along Buzzie Bee’s delivery route. Donations may also be dropped off at Buzzie Bee Diapers in Rockland. Buzzie Bee Diapers opened in the fall of 2005, providing weekly pick up and delivery of freshly laundered cotton diapers, to make cloth diapering more accessible to mid-coast families. The service is currently available from Bremen to Belfast, Rockland to Washington.

(edited: links have been changed to reflect a new website)

Cloth diapers on National TV?

Are you interested in helping bring cloth diapers to a national TV audience? The Oprah Winfrey Show is planning a future episode on greening your family. If you use cloth diapers and are interested in bringing it to a national TV audience, this would be a great opportunity! If you go this page: The Oprah Winfrey Show, you can see more about the show and submit your information.

They are also interested in families that are concerned about global warming and want to be part of the solution. What a great opportunity to bring the issue of cloth diapers to a national audience!

Commentary by a Butt-wiping Ph.D.

In an interview with LA City Beat (reprinted on Alternet), retired professor Linda Hirshmann expands on the analysis in her book Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women of the World. When asked about "the non-threatening behaviors women are socialized to adopt," she concluded her comments by saying that she finds "Ph.D.s who are wiping butts" horrifying. "I'm sort of surprised I'm the first person to get out there and say this is immoral."

As a PhD who has chosen to wipe my own children's butts, I’m appalled not only by such a strident view of what it means to be an educated woman but by the blatant claim that to care for one’s own children is immoral. The so-called moral high ground she claims has no relation to the world I live in, where parenting is itself a political act. Wiping butts is also an act of love whether for our children, our parents, or anyone else who is so vulnerable as to need such care.

My doctoral training highlights the political nature of social and personal choices even when they don’t fit the molds demanded by authority figures, whether those authority figures be retired professors or global corporations. I am proud to have wiped my own children’s butts.

Let me encourage you, as activists and advocates for cloth diapers despite prevailing corporate wisdom, to speak truth to power.

--Lori Taylor, President and Founder, Real Diaper Association