Biokleen: On a Mission to 'Clean for Good'

Biokleen: On a Mission to 'Clean for Good'

2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change - Be the Change  Sponsor

Biokleen - 2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change Be the Change Sponsor

Biokleen, a product safe for families and the environment, shares tips for cloth diapering.

Back in 1989, Jim Rimer was a commercial cleaning products salesperson and saw firsthand the health issues of those cleaning on the frontlines - janitors, housekeeping staff and carpet cleaners. It was common to see them with cracked skin, respiratory issues and, in some cases, cancer. Jim had, what was a "crazy" idea that plant- and mineral-based cleaning products can clean as well, if not better than those made with hazardous chemicals. And, that's when he set off to start Biokleen.

Starting in his garage, he mixed ingredients with an oar and drum. And slowly word started to spread about Biokleen and its products that were safe for families and the environment. Naturally, new parents don't want to expose their children to unnecessary toxins, and Biokleen offers the perfect solution - cleaning products that work and are safe for the home and planet. “All these years later, we are still a family-run business on a mission to ‘clean for good’."

Want to learn how this family feels about cloth diapers, checkout out the unique Q & A below.

What is your favorite tip to share with parents that are new to using cloth diapers? 

First, cloth diapering isn't as intimidating or time-consuming as it may seem. Here's how our family took care of the messiest diapers. 1) Keep a butter knife near the toilet to scrape most of the material from the diaper. 2) Spray Bac-Out Stain & Odor Remover on the dirty diaper and store in a bucket. 3) Come laundry time, wash with our Free & Clear Laundry Liquid (just in case your little one has sensitive skin) and Oxygen Bleach Plus. This was the perfect 1-2-3 punch to keep our daughter's diapers clean.

What do you feel is the most compelling reason to choose cloth diapers? 

For our family, it took one week of using disposable diapers to understand the impact they have on landfills. Even choosing a more environmentally-friendly disposable, the 30-pound bag of waste made us question our effect on the world and the world our daughter would be inheriting. Plus, after learning how easy it was to use real diapers, the cost savings and environmental good helped sustain our growing household.

How important a task is cloth diaper education to your business? 

Very important! Our plant-based cleaning products make doing good - diaper cleaning - easy and safe for families. And, we support cloth diapering because we consider the cumulative effect our own business has on the environment. For example, 100% of the water and energy our manufacturing facility uses is offset through wind power credits and water restoration activities in the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, we've recently launched a reforestation initiative with the goal of planting 60,000/year in 2020.


To learn more about Biokleen and how this product can help keep your cloth diapers clean and free of trouble causing ingredients, head over to



Real Diaper Association thanks Biokleen for their continud support of RDA and The Great Cloth Diaper Change. Join thousands of families around the world for the 2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change on Earth Day, April 22, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. local time. Find a location near you at

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