Bambino MIO: Inspiration found far from home

Bambino MIO: Inspiration found far from home

2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change - Global Change Sponsor: Bloom and Grow

One of the most important and rewarding things we get to do at Real Diaper Association is discover and share stories. This is largely in part because one of our RDA founders, Lori Taylor, of Fuzbaby is a historian.

Great Cloth Diaper Change, Global Change Sponsor, Bloom and Grow is the distributor for Bambino MIO in Asia. Today we learn a little more about Bambino MIO, founded by Guy and Jo Schanscieff. Guy explains the story that sparked their journey into the cloth diapering world. “Jo and I were travelling through India when we met an American at the Taj Mahal who told us about their own cloth diaper laundry service in New York City. We were convinced cloth diapering was the way forward and set up our own business once back in England.” Talk about receiving inspiration at one of the most famous places in the world!   

Guy shares the same feelings many of us do about cloth diapers, “I can’t pick just one! But we always focus on three ideas at Bambino MIO – cloth is better for baby, better for parents and better for the environment. Cloth diapers use absorbent fabrics rather than chemical gels which can be found in disposable diapers; parents can save significant money when they choose to use cloth (even part-time); and the reduction in waste is so powerful it speaks for itself.”

Guy and Jo have gone through many of their own cloth diapering experiences, from starting out as a diaper cleaning service to creating their own cloth diapering business. They have plenty of tips for parents who are perhaps new to cloth diapering or love ideas on how to make cloth diapering easier. “It’s important to find the routine that’s right for your family. Once you figure out the best wash routine, how many diapers you need, etc. it’s so easy to use cloth diapers.”

Bambino MIO also works to create positive social media conversations about reusable cloth diapers and answer questions from their followers.

What keeps Bambino MIO going and striving for a better cloth diaper world tomorrow? Guy said, “It always puts a huge smile on our faces when we receive a thank you message from a family that uses our diapers. We know parents are busy, so it really means a lot when they take a few minutes out of their day to tell us how their baby finally slept through the night with our diapers or how they are the only cloth diapers dads will use.


Real Diaper Association thanks Bloom and Grow for their support of RDA and The Great Cloth Diaper Change. Join thousands of families around the world for the 2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change on Earth Day, April 22, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. local time. Find a location near you at

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